Creating Value for Our Stakeholders

Creating Value For Our Stakeholders



We commenced preparations for an epic 10-year voyage in 2010, when the government had adopted in full the 10 recommendations set out in the final report on “Transforming Singapore into a Leading Global Accountancy Hub for Asia Pacific”. As the national accountancy body, it is our responsibility to contribute to Singapore’s aspiration.

Going into uncharted waters, we took time to get the navigation plans in order, and were simultaneously gathering a strong captain and crew; building a reliable, modern vessel, and welcoming passengers onboard. Navigating the high seas requires careful, tactical planning, and our Strategic Plans are designed to achieve the desired outcomes at crucial junctures. Sailing from one port of call to another, we are now mid-way to our eventual destination.

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Delivering Value

Our resources are aimed at fulfilling a three-pronged mission that is aligned with our vision to be a globally recognised accountancy body, bringing value to our members, the profession and the wider community. We do this by:

  • Empowering members to achieve their aspirations;
  • Advocating and being the voice of our members and the profession, and
  • Advancing and promoting the accountancy profession, and contributing to Singapore’s aspiration to develop into a leading global accountancy hub.
Strategic Road Map 2020


Strategic Pillars for 2016–2018

We are now approaching the tail end of our second transformation phase – Building and Outfitting Structure – which began in 2013, and are looking forward to our third phase of transformation covering a three-year period from 2016 to 2018.

We recognise the need to develop into a state that is ready to achieve our 2020 vision of a globally recognised professional accountancy body by 2018. Thus, we have identified the corporate strategic theme of “Intensifying Global Prominence” to guide our transformation efforts over the next three years. The corporate strategic theme is characterised by the following three pillars:


Strategic Priorities towards 2020