ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Professional (ISCA IPFP) Credential and Membership

ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Professional (ISCA IPFP) Credential  and Membership

The ISCA IPFP will be conferred to eligible:

  1. Grandfathering scheme 
    ISCA is offering a one-off grandfathering scheme until 31 December 2020 to eligible applicants who can meet the criteria and are subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.

    Apply now and enjoy a waiver of the annual Credential Fee for the first two years! Click here to find out more on the eligibility criteria.

  2. ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Qualification (ISCA IPFQ)
    Candidates who successfully completed the ISCA IPFQ (passed all three modules within 3 years; starting from the year they are approved and admitted as candidates) may apply for the ISCA IPFP credential. To apply for the credential, individuals will have to be an ISCA member and satisfy the following membership and experience requirements:

Click here to apply for ISCA IPFQ.

Membership Requirements

1.  Non-ISCA members will need to apply for Associate membership and be admitted as Associate (Specialist); or

2.  Existing ISCA members with the following designations who have maintained ISCA membership in good standing and complied with the CPE requirements with no outstanding complaints or disciplinary proceedings.

Experience Requirement

3.  At least three (3) years of recent and relevant work experience in infrastructure and project finance.  Both pre-qualification and post-qualification* work experience that is relevant to infrastructure and project finance will be considered during the review of credential applications.

*Pre-qualification refers to relevant working experience accumulated prior to the completion of the ISCA IPFQ. Post-qualification refers to relevant working experience accumulated after the completion of the ISCA IPFQ (i.e. after the graduation date).

Use of the ISCA IPFP credential 

ISCA members who are holders of the conferred credential may use the credential title in their name card as indicated below: 

Obligations of ISCA credential holders

Approved ISCA credential holders will be maintained in the Specialisation Register and be subjected to Ethics and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) compliance. Please read Institute (Membership and Fees) Rules and ISCA Code of Conduct and Ethics Pronouncements.