Grandfathering of ISCA IPFP Credential

Grandfathering of ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Professional (ISCA IPFP) Credential

Application for the ISCA IPFP credential via Grandfathering Scheme is now open until 31 December 2020!

ISCA is offering a one-off grandfathering scheme to eligible applicants who can meet the following criteria:

Membership Requirements

1. Non-ISCA members will need to apply for Associate membership and be admitted as Associate (Specialist); or
2. Existing ISCA members with the following designations who have maintained ISCA membership in good standing and complied with the CPE requirements with no outstanding complaints or disciplinary proceedings; and

Experience Requirements

3. Experienced infrastructure and project finance professionals with:

How to apply

Applicants must submit the following via file upload during the online application:

1. online application form and Character References Form which includes the submission of two (2) Character References:

a. First Reference: A current CA (Singapore) of the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants or a full member of an accountancy body recognised by the Institute’s Council for membership / credential purpose; and
b. Second Reference: The applicant’s present employer such as reporting officer or HR manager.

2. Credential Application Payment Form and pay a one-off, non-refundable and non-transferable application fee of $321 (including GST);

3. latest resume (sample resume) that outlines your work experience in reverse chronological order starting with the current or most recent job, including relevant details to demonstrate that you possess and/or have oversight over infrastructure and project finance related assignments that require all professional competencies (Table 1) and at least two of the following areas of work (Table 2); and

4. current employer’s testimonial.

Personal Data Declaration by Applicant

By submitting this online application form, I confirm that I have read and I agree to  the ISCA’s Privacy and Data Protection Policy which sets out how my personal data will be collected, used, disclosed and processed by the ISCA and the purposes of processing. 



1) Applications are subject to approval on a case-by-case basis.

2) The application fee is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if the application is withdrawn after submission.

Table 1: Professional Competencies

Type of Skills


1. Process Management

  • Coordination or management of one of more business case development
  • Experience in tender documents or bid development
  • Tender evaluation process
  • Market sounding process
  • Project resource allocation

2. Analytical

  • Obtain relevant data to process information and assess viability of projects

3. Written Communication

  • Preparation of engagement letter
  • Prepare tender documents
  • Execution of project report

 Table 2: Areas of Work

Areas of Work

Examples of Project Scope

1. Risk Analysis and Mitigation

  • Undertake or review project risk assessment
  • Perform or review risk allocation of PPP projects
  • Establish or review risk management framework

2. Project Financing

  • Involvement in structuring project finance projects
  • Analysis of financing metrics
  • Assess creditworthiness of projects

3. PPP Contracts

  • Prepare and develop PPP contracts
  • Advise on key commercial principles in PPP contracts
  • Design termination payments

4. Financial Modelling

  • Perform Value for Money analysis on infrastructure projects
  • Build project finance model
  • Undertake model review