Assessment Format

Students of ISCA Accredited Accounting Technician will be assessed via computer based assessments. The assessments are mainly closed-book computer-based and are a combination of multiple choice and structured questions.

Assessment Enrolment

The training provider will monitor your progress and inform you when you are ready to sit for the assessments. You can check with your training provider for the availability and schedule of the assessments.


Please click here for the assessment fees. You are required to pay the assessment fees to the training provider and to check whether these are included in the overall training package. 

Results Release

The results for fully computer marked assessments will be available within 3 working days from the date of assessment. However, results for assessments that involve human marking will be available within 7 weeks from the date of assessment. ISCA will send an encrypted transcript to you via email once the result is released.

Grade Upon Completion of Each Level

Grading will only be awarded upon the completion of each level, not individual assessments. All unit assessments and synoptic assessment will count towards the grade on an equal basis.

The mark range for each grade is as follows:

Grades Mark Range
Distinction 90%-100%
Merit 80%-89%
Pass 70%-79%


Or failure to pass one or more assessment(s)

Passing Mark

The pass mark is 70% of the total marks for each assessment.


There are no re-sit restrictions within the ISCA-AAT qualification. There is no limit to the number of attempts for each module assessment. This applies to both unit and synoptic assessments.