The ISCA FFA Qualification is targeted at:

The combination of accounting knowledge, legal, technology and investigation skills in the Qualification allows accountants without a financial forensics background to perform the job of a white-collar crime buster competently across industries and sectors, from enforcement, forensic advisory to the banking and finance sector. Candidates will be taught real-life cases in practical workshops including mock investigation to stay in tune with the latest development in financial forensics.

For existing financial forensic professionals, the Qualification will deepen their knowledge and expertise, especially in the area of digital forensics so that they can leverage on the latest technological tools, approaches and techniques in digital evidence gathering and cyber investigations. The conferment of the ISCA Financial Forensic Professional (FFP) credential will provide them with the professional recognition that they are equipped with the requisite competencies to be a financial forensic professional. Click here to find out more about the ISCA FFA Qualification and here for the conferment of the ISCA FFP credential via the Qualification.

Quotes from the Industry about the ISCA FFA Qualification:


“Accountants who wish to specialise in financial forensics will need to acquire the knowledge and skill sets to do so. In obtaining the FFA Qualification, candidates will experience practice-based professional learning and be equipped with the latest knowledge with sharing from the financial forensic experts, giving them a firm foundation for their career.”

Mr Kon Yin Tong
President of ISCA & Managing Partner of Foo Kon Tan LLP


“Whether they are working in the law enforcement agencies, financial institutions or accounting firms, financial forensic professionals who wish to deepen their skills will find ISCA FFA Qualification highly relevant to their work. The public will also have more confidence in the quality of work by professionals with ISCA FFA Qualification.”

Mr Lem Chin Kok
ASPAC, Head of Forensic 
KPMG Singapore


"When I was managing the White-Collar Crime Investigation Programme for law enforcement agency officers, the simple mental approach which I advocated to participants is what I loosely called the ABC dictum of investigation - A: assume nothing; B: believe nothing; C: check everything. One of the things that became clear to me in the course of teaching the programme was that modern financial crime investigators will need to add a D to the ABC dictum and his body of core competencies. And this was D - for digital savviness. This is critical given how much activities in modern life are digitally inter-mediated; the IT operational terrain pervades our daily life. The ISCA FFA Qualification will cover the "D" and give you the core competencies needed to conduct financial crime investigations.”

Mr Tan How Choon
Associate Professor (Adj.), Division of Accounting, Nanyang Business School
Nanyang Technological University