ISCA-SUSS Business Analytics Certification Programme

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Modern technology has brought about vast volumes of data that can be harnessed for analytics. Business analytics presents a range of opportunities for accountants by adding further value to the work they currently do. Through the ISCA-SUSS Certification Programme:

Programme Structure

The ISCA-SUSS Business Analytics certification programme allows you to have the flexibility to complete it at your own pace, by courses or by certificates. After completing the Business Analytics courses, you will achieve the following certificates:


Please note that the time stated in the above diagram refers to the estimated minimum time taken to complete the courses in the  programme.

Individuals have the flexibility to complete the courses at their own pace, by course or certificate. They are strongly encouraged to enrol for a maximum of two (2) courses per semester (6 months) depending on their work and personal commitments.

Programme Structure

Please refer to the following links to SUSS website for more information on the courses outlines and assessment components for the courses offered under the programme.

Assessment Component

The courses in the certification programme are mostly level three courses of the SUSS undergraduate degree programme with each course (except ANL488 Business Analytics Applied Project) lasting for 6 weeks (1 term). You are strongly encouraged to enrol for a maximum of two (2) courses per semester (6 months) depending on your work and personal commitments.

Typically, within the 6 weeks of the term and 1 week of term break, you are required to complete all 3 quizzes and 2 assignments for each course. Assessment components vary from course to course and you will be graded on at least two (2) of the following assessment components:

Course Fees
  No Funding With SSG Funding
  International Participants S'poreans and PRs S'poreans and PRs 
(aged 18 and above)
SkillsFuture Mid-Career Enhanced Subsidy
(S’poreans aged 40 and above)

Enhanced Training Support for SMEs
Fee for each course (including GST) S$1,685.25 S$1,403.84 S$1,403.84 S$1,403.84 S$1,403.84
Fee for each course (including GST), after additional funding from the various funding schemes S$1,685.25 S$1,403.84 S$421.15 S$158.75 S$158.75
Fee for each course, including GST (Applicable to Business Analytics Applied Project only) S$3,369.43 S$2,807.68 S$842.30 S$317.50 S$317.50

Course fees updated as of 2020.

Please note:

The course fee is not inclusive of other additional items such as additional recommended textbooks, examination fee for resits, etc.