3-day Workshop - Programme Details

A 3-day workshop facilitated by an experienced industry leader,  covering topics –

         (i)   business advisory & client relationship management

         (ii)  practice leadership & people strategy

         (iii) technology strategy 


Workshop Details

Date:     30 Oct – 1 Nov 2019

Time:     9.00am – 5.00pm

Venue:  Carlton Hotel Singapore, 76 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189558


Programme Outlines

Day 1 : Business Advisory & Client Relationship Management
  • What are your major business development challenges? What steps must be taken to grow the business?
  • Understanding client expectations; benchmarking; networking & referrals
  • Best practices in starting, managing and growing your business advisory services, including how to build such a team
  • Managing advisory systems, processes and people resources
  • Pricing strategies (how to price more profitably & serve your clients better)
  • How to ask the right questions of clients
  • Strategic negotiation and building exceptional service
  • Case study & Hands-on session
    • Case study on Client Relationship Management/ Business Advisory -  The facilitator will walk-through a specific industry case study to demonstrate the advisory process and how to engage with clients
    • Hands-on session for participants - to develop an initial consultation with a suitable client of their choice. Participants will need to bring to the day a client’s latest annual financial statements for four years and enter them into Cashflow Story prior to day one. (An Excel spreadsheet and instruction guide will be provided.)
Day 2 : Practice Leadership & People Strategy
  • What are the biggest challenges that you are experiencing as a leader in your firm? How have you addressed this?
  • What key skills do leaders need to master to succeed?
  • What leaders have impressed you with their leadership skills and why?
  • Your leadership style and the team
    • Understand the impact of leadership style
    • Identifying what leadership style to apply in different situations (To illustrate using some examples)
  • Building a high-performing team
    • partner and staff management strategy
    • leverage diverse strength
    • develop talent, motivate, excite, reward, ignite the extraordinary performance of others
    • training and development
  • Leading innovation and change
    • Articulate a clear motivation
    • Master and lead change
    • persuade and influence in building coalitions
  • Case study & Hands-on session
    • Case study on Leadership & People strategy - using a specific industry case study to demonstrate how to manage demanding and difficult clients (both external and internal)
    • Hands-on session for participants - Through analysis of case study and practical leadership scenarios, to help participants to develop practical skills in leadership qualities to enable them to better manage their staff.
    • DISC Analysis - This is an online assessment with report. The facilitator will help the participants to understand their specific results and work through examples of how to relate to fellow team members, and how to manage teams with different preferences.   This tool is a proven way of validating behaviour and help to creating better workplaces. 
Day 3 : Technology Strategy
  • Create a business that leverages IT    
    • What value can a technology strategy add to your accounting firm’s capabilities, people, clients and processes?
    • What does it take to create an environment that leverages IT?
    • Delivering products and services using IT
    • What technologies are the industry currently using for different services and solutions?
  • Build an environment that thrives on technology and innovation
    • Encourage and facilitate the right conversations to build an innovative mindset/attitude
    • Resource allocation and investment
    • Best practice technology solutions
    • What’s happening overseas with accounting firm and technology challenges?
  • Different types of practice and business advisory software (how, when & why to use it)

  • The best of breed vs suite decision on business advisory software

  • Case study & Hands-on session
    • Case study on “Technology Strategy” for an accounting firm and their client that considers the current technology issues and develops strategic initiatives for improvement
    • Hands-on session for participants - Through the analysis of a case study and practical IT Management scenarios, this session will help participants in technology awareness and to develop practical skills to enable them to better manage IT and IT within their teams.


Workshop Facilitator 


Mark Holton

Mark Holton, FCPA, has more than 35 years’ experience as an Accountant and Tax Agent in practice. Mark is the Managing Director of Dynamic Taxation and Training Services and a Director of Smithink.

Mark has developed specialised skills in corporate presentations and training with extensive experience in both private and public sector industries in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and North America. He is also a respected consultant in taxation and business management, in particular value-added services implementation and administration using key business advisory systems, processes and software.

Mark holds a Master of Commerce Degree as well as several post graduate qualifications in accounting and management. He also has a Degree in Adult Education and an Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning.