Audit Core Training

Practical Audit Workshop (PAW)

The Practical Audit Workshop (PAW) is a series of structured practical audit training programme designed for all audit personnel of Small and Medium Practices (SMPs), for them to enhance their understanding and application of the requirements of the Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSAs) when performing an audit. Case studies, ISCA Audit Manual for Small Companies, illustrative documentation and sample working papers will be used to illustrate various audit concepts and work paper documentation requirements. 

Structured Audit Core Training (SACT)

The ISCA Structure Audit Core Training Programme (SACT programme) will be a series of training programmes to address the learning needs of the various experience levels of staff of the Small and Medium Audit Practices (SMPs). The objective of this series of training programmes is to equip the SMP staff with practical audit knowledge and also serve as a useful refresher for those who wish to update their knowledge and maintain their competence in this area.