SACT Matrix

CodeProgramme TitleStructured Audit Core Training
SACT Level1SACT Level2SACT Level3
1.1 ADT025 Understanding the Audit Client and Assessing Client Risk check check  
1.2 ADT068 Client Risk Assessment: What Audit Managers and Partners Should Watch Out For     check
1.2 Assessing and responding to audit risks
1.2.1 ADT049 Professional Conduct and Ethics in an Audit check check  
1.2.2 ADT070 Ethics Update: Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics for Public Accountants     check
1.2.3 ADT035 Fraud Considerations in an Audit   check check
1.2.4 ADT033 Auditors' Reliance on the Work of Other Parties   check check
1.2.5 ADT039 Auditors' Consideration of Client Internal Controls   check check
1.2.6 ADT042 Planning the Audit   check check
2.1 ADT024 Audit Sampling   check check
2.2 ADT063 Audit of Opening Balances for Initial Audit Engagements check check check
2.3 ADT028 Audit of Revenue check check  
2.4 ADT047 Audit of Accounts Receivable and Other Receivables check check  
2.5 ADT031 Audit of Inventories check check  
2.6 ADT027 Audit of Accounts Payable and Other Payables check check  
2.7 ADT041 Audit of Employee Benefits (Including CPF and ESO) check check check
2.8 ADT040 Audit of Cash and Bank Balances check check  
2.9 ADT032 Audit of Property, Plant and Equipment check check  
2.10 ADT029 Audit of Financial Instruments   check check
3.1 ADT052 Examination of Related Parties and Related Party Transactions   check check
3.2 ADT051 Evaluation of Subsequent Events, Contingent Liabilities, and the Going Concern Assumption     check
3.3 ADT038 Final Review of the Financial Statements     check
4.1 ADT030 Types of Audit Report     check
4.2 ADT045 Audit Reporting: Other Communication-- Management Representation Letters, Management Letters and Internal Control Deficiencies     check
5.1 ADT034 Group Audits     check
5.2 ADT044 Audit of Foreign Currency Transactions and Translation   check check
5.3 ADT036 Environmental Issues in Audits     check
5.4 ADT050 Audit of Derivative Financial Instruments     check
5.5 ADT046 Audit of Long-Term Manufacturing/Construction Contracts (FRS 11)   check check
5.6 ADT014 Audit of Charities   check check
5.7 ADT043 Forensic Auditing     check
5.8 ADT069 Audit of Computerized Information Systems   check check