Course Name   CPE Hours
TAX001 : GST: Operations, Accounting, Administration and Returns   7
TAX005 : Goods and Services Tax Workshop   7
TAX008 : Advanced Corporate Tax   14
TAX010 : What you should know about Tax Evasion and Tax Investigation   3.5
TAX014D : Year End Corporate Tax Updates and Corporate Tax Planning Workshop   7
TAX027 : Property Tax: Determining the ?Right? amount Accountants should Pay   3.5
TAX037 : Interpretation of Tax Statutes: Recent Cases and Updates   3.5
TAX051 : GST: Are You Ready to sign-off?   14
TAX054 : Corporate Tax Planning : Minimizing Tax Costs Through Tax Efficient Structuring   7
TAX055 : GST: Preventing GST Pitfalls through ACAP   3.5
TAX056 : GST: Self Managing GST Risks through ASK   3.5
TAX057 : GST: Managing GST Cash Flow through GST Schemes   7
TAX059A : Advanced GST Workshop ? Managing GST Risks in Your Business and Avoiding Pitfalls and Errors   14
TAX084 : Updates and Changes in Income Tax   7
TAX085 : Income Tax Treatment on Withholding Tax & Foreign Sourced Income   7
TAX087 : Income Tax Implications and Tax Planning for Individuals   3.5
TAX088D : Corporate Tax: Annual Updates for 2017   7
TAX095 : Look Before You Leap: Key Tax Structuring Considerations for Singapore Companies Venturing Overseas   7
TAX098 : TP Live! Practical Transfer Pricing for In-house Finance/Tax Professionals   7
TAX098A : TP Live! Practical Transfer Pricing for In-house Finance/Tax Professionals - Module 1   3.5
TAX098B : TP Live! Practical Transfer Pricing for In-house Finance/Tax Professionals - Module 2   3.5
TAX099 : Advanced Income Tax Workshop ? Managing Income Tax Risks and Avoiding Pitfalls and Errors   14
TAX100 : Getting a Good DEAL by Understanding Taxation Aspects of Mergers & Amalgamations and Tax Due Diligence   7
TAX101 : Optimising Tax Efficiency by Implementing Sound Intellectual Property & R&D Strategies in Singapore   7
TAX102 : Reducing Your Effective Tax Rate Through Tax Incentives and Negotiation instead of the ?PIC?   3.5
TAX103 : Avoiding Tax Penalty by Understanding the Latest Development in Software Tax Characterisation Issues   3.5
TAX107 : Avoiding Mistakes and Managing Potential Tax Risks associated with Your Company?s Expatriates   7
TAX110 : Capital Allowances and Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Scheme   3.5
TAX111 : Income Tax Perspective: Business Losses   3.5
TAX127 : Corporate Tax Workshop for Non-Tax Professionals   14
TAX132 : Tax Avoidance and Tax Evasion: Practical Advice, Best Practice Strategies and Learning from Case Studies   7
TAX145ET : Permanent Establishment   3.5
TAX154 : Introduction to tax/transfer pricing for Treasury, Inter-co. financing, guarantees & cash pools   3.5
TAX155 : Recent Singapore Transfer Pricing Guidance and What It means to You   3.5
TAX157 : Unravel The Knots in Tax Treaties   3.5
TAX158 : Tax Risk Management Workshop Part II - Practical Applications and Case Study   3.5
TAX159 : Tax Risk Management Workshop Part I - Overview of BEPS   7
TAX160ET : Singapore's Tax Incentive Regime   7
TAX189 : Connecting GST with the Logistics Industry   14
TAX190ET : Understanding of Permanent Establishment for Better Business Decision ? Practical Case Studies   3.5
TAX191 : Understanding the GST treatment for Recovery of Expenses   7
TAX192 : Managing GST Audits   7
TAX193 : International Taxation: Cross-Border Tax Issues and Tax Treaties   14
TAX195 : Managing Transfer Pricing in Asia   7
TAX196 : TP Documentation and Benchmarking Analysis How to get it right?   7
TAX197 : M&A journey and the BEPS Era   3.5
TAX198 : New TP Reporting Requirements for Related Party transactions, are you prepared?   3.5
TAX199 : International Tax Structuring and Transfer Pricing in Practice: Venturing to India   3.5
TAX200 : Key Trends and Transfer Pricing Challenges in the Manufacturing Sector   3.5
TAX201 : GST Update 2017 - Fringe Benefits   3.5
TAX2018 : ISCA Budget 2018 Update and its Tax Implications: Impact on Corporate Firms and Individuals   3
TAX205 : GST? Zero-rated supplies   7
TAX207ET : A Holistic Tax View of Cross-Border Transactions   3.5
TAX208 : Singapore Employee Taxation ? An Understanding   7
TAX210 : Managing GST Accounting & Audit Compliance in Singapore   14
TAX211 : Singapore SMEs Going Regional With Focus On China Tax Updates   3.5
TAX212 : Tax and Transfer Pricing in Supply Chain   3.5