SMP Productivity Showcase


ISCA is pleased to introduce an interview series showcasing some SMPs and their inspiring productivity stories as they search for growth amid a challenging business and economic climate. In this first instalment, we spoke to Mr Paul Tan, Managing Director of CA TrustPAC, and Mr Rowland Kew, Managing Partner of CA Practice PAC, to uncover how they are leveraging cloud computing and effective human resource management respectively to boost their firm's productivity.

Interview 1: Utilising Cloud Computing for Greater Efficiency

Mr Paul Tan, one of the founding members of CA Trust PAC, is a firm believer in providing greater client value and is always on the search for ways to do so. As the business is growing, he realised he needed an innovative solution to streamline manual work processes and enhance his staffs ability to attend to client needs better. He eventually found what he was looking for in cloud computing.

CA Trust PAC is currently using a cloud based practice management software called “iFirm” and has noticed benefits that include better resource allocation and tracking of profitability. What’s more, the implementation of the platform is subsidised by the government through IDA’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Solutions Call-for-Collaboration (CFC) initiative.

Interview 2: Unlocking the Human Capital through Effective Human Resource Management

With Singapore’s current tight labour market, there is a constant pressure on firms to attract and retain valuable talent. Understanding that human capital is key to organisation growth, Mr Rowland Kew, Managing Partner of CA Practice PAC, embarked on a journey to revamp his firm’s human resource infrastructure.

Previously, his firm faced a number of challenges such as being unable to assess the depth of knowledge acquired by staff after attending in-house training courses and in identifying competency gaps in staff skills. After learning about WDA’s Enterprise Training Support Scheme, he has since introduced a structured human resource framework that enabled his firm to better tailor training materials and programmes that led to savings in man-hours and better alignment of HR processes with HR objectives.

The Final Instalement

In the follow up to our brand new interview series, the SMO Productivity Showcase, where we profile and share the inspiring productivity stories of SMPs, we speak to Mr Eric Eio, Partner of Paul Hype page & Co and Mr Helmi Talib, Managing Partner of Helmi Talib &Co, to understand how they branched out into advisory services and tapped on marketing and branding solutions respectively to grow their businesses. 

Interview 3:  Seeking Growth through Diversification

Mr Eric Eio, Partner of Paul Hype Page & Co, was looking for ways to grow his firm beyond the traditional accounting and audit services provided by his firm. He needed a way to differentiate his company in the market and was keen on branching out into providing advisory services.

He soon embarked on a journey to become an accredited Practising Management Consultant and subsequently a service provider under SPRING Singapore’s Innovation & Capability Voucher - Financial Management (ICV-FM) scheme. To find out what are some of the challenges he had faced and how he managed to grow his firm as a Practising management Consultant, please click on Interview 3

Interview 4:  Leveraging marketing and Branding Solutions to Achieve Growth

Mr Helmi Talib, Managing Partner of Helmi Talib & Co, was facing some hurdles in the process of growing his business. He wanted to expand his clientele beyond referrals to build a more sustainable stream of business, but was unsure how to do so. At the same time, with an increase in the number of clients, his firm lacked a proper structure to regularly engage with customers and also manage client data across different departments. 

Sounds familiar? To discover how he leveraged SPRING Singapore’s Business Advisory Programme (BAP) to implement effective marketing and branding solutions to tackle these issues and successfully grow his business, please click on Interview 4.