ISCA Compliance Certificate Series

The scope of work for finance and accountancy professionals have expanded across the years. No longer are they restricted to established roles in financial or management reporting. Their technical attributes, professional traits and experience have allowed some to double hat as Data Protection Officers (DPO) or take on other compliance roles. The accelerated technology adoption by business comes with its own set of challenges, including concerns over data security, data governance and ethics, system breaches, etc. This has led to increased regulatory requirements and the need for constant monitoring for compliance, review of existing measures and implementation of improved processes. There is a need to constantly upskill themselves to remain relevant and stay ahead of the curve in order to take on expanded roles and responsibilities.

The ISCA Compliance Certificate series is targeted at finance, accountancy and non-accountancy professionals who are involved with or are taking on compliance related processes. Participants will be required to complete specific courses across fundamental and intermediate levels to obtain each Certificate.

 Series 1: ISCA PDPA Compliance Certificate Series 2: ISCA Information Systems Risk Management (ISRM) Certificate
WSQ Funded: Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (Code: WD003)Cybersecurity Literacy (Code: DGT048v)
Enterprise Risk Management (Code: RM002i)
Intermediate PDPA – Risks, Compliance and Ethics (Code: LS039) Essentials of Information Systems Risk and Controls (ISRM Part 1) (Code: IT086) 
Advanced  Information Systems Risk Management (ISRM Part 2) (Code: IT085)