Practical Audit Workshop - Testimonials


Testimonial from Firms which sent Participants to PAW Series Workshops

  • “The staff felt the PAW courses were well-structured to address very practical issues encountered by auditors i.e. proper procedures for conducting stock count, sending confirmations and performing analytical procedures. The trainers gave real life scenarios for each topic and these helped the staff to develop deeper understanding and appreciate the need for certain audit procedures better. The group interaction and case studies engaged everyone and made the training more lively and interesting. They all felt the training has enriched them and they will be able to perform the task assigned to them with greater clarity and understanding.

    After hearing this positive feedback from our staff, we will continue to send our staff for the various PAW levels on a yearly basis going forward. It is important for the auditors to be well-trained and to keep themselves updated with the various changes that are not only affecting the audit profession but the business community on the whole.

    We take this opportunity to thank ISCA for its efforts. ” – Bala, Partner and Satiyabama Veerasamy, Director, JBS Practice PAC (November 2015)
  • “PAW provides all staff the essential understanding on auditing concepts and documentation requirements. This workshop forms an important part in the training of our staff. We will continue to send all new and existing staff to the workshops” - Josephine Oei, Partner, Tony Oei and Company (October 2015)
  • “The training enhances the knowledge of the audit procedures and also covers the common pitfalls to avoid, thus providing a refreshing and practical approach for the trainees. Partners and senior staff are also sent to the different levels of PAW to improve the overall audit quality and documentations.” - Poh Mui Hwa, Partner, Ng, Lee & Associates-DFK (September 2015)
  • My firm has sent different staff to train under all three levels of PAW. In particular, AWP 1 provides practical insights for fresh audit assistants. It is particularly helpful in bridging the knowledge learnt in schools and applying them in a real work environment. In the past, we could only conduct training once a year during our off-peak, but with PAW-AWP 1, the frequency of training for our new staff has increased. This helps to lighten my load as a practitioner and I can now focus time on running the practice. - Helmi Talib, Managing Partner, Helmi Talib & Co (December 2015)
  • I find the PAW AWP-1 course very useful for entry level audit assistant. I had also sent my senior staff to attend the course so they can better understand and be aligned with the approach, that was taught to the juniors during the workshop. To date, almost 75% of my audit staff had participated in both intakes that took place in February and April 2014. I find it a very convenient and effective way of training my staff and will continue to send my staff to the training. – Lim Yeong Seng, Partner, Kong Lim & Partners LLP. (April 2015)
Testimonial from Participants of 2016 PAW

  • It is relevant to my work. The trainer has given practical case studies which are very relevant to my work.
  • Good workshop as it encouraged involvement in discussion & presentation, which allowed us to learn from not only the trainer, also the participants.
  • This PAW2 is very relevant to our daily audit work and good sharing of common challenges the auditor faced & learnt how to address them properly
  • It is a very value-added course because it is very practical, not just theory. We learned many practical tips and insights. It is not an orthodox, stable-minded course. It is very refreshing. The focus on being practical is the course key value-add.
  • A good revision of what we have learned in the college with a great practical guide for work. PAW-AWP 1 includes both academic and practical aspects.
  • PAW 1 was extremely useful in providing me (a person who is completely new to this industry) with a good introduction & foundation to audit.
  • It’s a good kick-start programme for all auditors who are stepping into this field of work. A very good foundation course to give practical hand-on guidance for newbie.
  • Gives me knowledge and teaches me procedures that I didn't know I had to as my company seniors never perform the procedures.
  • I like how the course was structured in such a systematic and interactive manner. Everything taught was practical as it could be applied to my job as an auditor
Testimonial from Participants of 2015 PAW

  • Rich in contents and good examples provided.
  • Good examples quoted to practise in real life environment.
  • You will definitely learn something that you did not know.
  • Supervisors should consider attending SAR.
  • I will insist my friends to attend this course.
  • Relevant to what I do at work and useful to improve quality of documentation and audit.
  • Daily examples provided easier link to practical thinking.
  • Been recently heavily involved in audit planning, and the information provided during the first session is helpful.
  • Good program to learn basic hands-on knowledge of preparing audit working papers and performing audit procedures.
  • Good explanations on what to do and what not to do during the audit. Areas to focus are also pointed on.
  • The programme provides in-depth information for preparers to prepare their audit working papers and procedures of audit.
  • Very useful. Will understand the proper way to conduct the audit and prepare the working papers.
  • Brings in real life experience into explaining audit procedures and linking them to assertions as well (theory with practice).
  • Very informative with lots to bring back to office on updating working papers.
  • Involves critical thinking and challenges the way an audit can be done.
  • Understanding the auditing process and procedures that some firms have omitted and have never been doing.
  • Consider to join this workshop. It is useful for the audit preparation.