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Mode of Assessment: Computer-Based Exam

At the end of each module, there will be a closed-book exam using an appointed third-party vendor’s secured exam software. Candidates are required to bring their own personal laptop installed with the exam software in order to sit for the computer-based exams.

Name of Module

Duration of Assessment

Type of Assessment Questions

Total Assessment Weightage

Sample Questions

Module 1 –

Project Lifecycle

2 hours

 MCQs & structured questions100%

Click Here

Module 2 –

Project Risks and Financing

2 hours

MCQs & structured questions


Click Here

Module 3 –

Contracts and Modelling*

1 hour

MCQs & structured questions55%

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 *There will be a financial modelling assignment included in Module 3 and it will account for 45% of the total assessment weightage.

Upon completion of all modules, ISCA IPFQ graduates who have acquired at least three years recent and relevant work experience in infrastructure and project finance-related fields can apply for ISCA Associate membership, subject to meeting the prevailing membership admission requirements, and be conferred the ISCA Infrastructure & Project Finance Professional (ISCA IPFP) credential. Click here for more information.