Accountancy Future Leaders Programme

E-learning Modules


Participants are required to complete a pre-course reading which consists of three online modules covering topics – (i) practice leadership, (ii) business advisory success, and (iii) marketing fundamentals. The duration of each module is about 1.0 - 2.0 hours.

Each module includes Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) assessment as a knowledge check quizzes. Participants are required to achieve at least 75% correct answer to pass the assessment.  Completion of the three e-learning modules is required before attending the 3.5-day facilitated workshop.

Name of Module

Learning Objective & Outcome

Module 1 -

Practice Leadership

(Leading the Firm)

Participants will develop an understanding on the attributes of a good leader and the common styles of leadership in practice. Participants will determine appropriate leadership style he/she wishes to adopt taking into consideration the individuals within the organisation team or entity he/she is managing.

Learning Outcome:

  • Understand the traits of effective leadership and common practices of good leaders;
  • Analyse the various leadership styles you can potentially adopt in your practice;
  • Align your leadership style to fit your organisation's culture and context which will best work for the team/entity you are managing.

Module 2 -

Business Advisory Success

(Growing the Firm)

This programme will explore the various types of business advisory offerings accounting firms can offer and what it takes for an advisory service to succeed. An action plan of how to kickstart a new advisory service will also be discussed.

Learning Outcome:

  • Recognize the context and nature of advisory services;
  • Identify the various types of advisory services and the indicative values they may bring;
  • Understand what it takes for an advisory service succeed;
  • Identify the components of how to implement a new advisory service.

Module 3 -

Marketing Fundamentals

(Marketing for Firm)

Marketing is an integral part of every accounting firm’s success which needs to be strategic, planned, driven and coordinated. This programme will highlight the various marketing channels the firm can leverage upon to get more business, and how they can track their marketing success. Various digital marketing approaches for accounting firms will also be explored.

 Learning Outcome:

  • Recognize the potential challenges and problems which accounting firms face in marketing their services
  • Appreciate the various marketing channels that firms can leverage upon to get more business
  • Identify various approaches that the firms can use to track their marketing success
  • Explore various digital marketing approaches which the firms can adopt in their marketing efforts