Project Work

An integral part of the Programme is for participant to undertake a project work, facilitated and aided by an assigned Project Consultant. Participants are required to pre-select one of three topics –

  1.  Business Strategy - Formulate a business strategy and secure at least one advisory client on an annuity engagement
  2.  People Strategy - Implement progressive HR practices to support business strategy
  3.  Technology Strategy - Implement a project that develop new technologies (e.g. software or apps) or result in new business model innovation (e.g. creation of new work flow) through the use of technology

Participants will have about 4 months to complete the project work. Qualified consultants will be assigned to facilitate the completion and delivery of the participants’ project work. 


Project Scope and Deliverables

Strategic aim: Formulate a business strategy and provide guidance on how to build a successful advisory business and how to take the next step in growing your business beyond its current status.

Business Advisory

Unlocking the Practice’s Potential

Types of Advisory Services

Systems, Processes and People Resources

Advisory Planning

How accounting firms can move from a focus on compliance services to a re-focus on value added reliance services?

The process includes the Enabler seven steps to success as documented in the diagram below.

What type of business advisory services can you successfully offer in your firm?

How to price and package them and explain them in a beneficial manner to clients?

Analyze and develop the right systems, process and people resources to deliver ongoing, lucrative business advisory services that clients actually want.

Create realistic advisory implementation and management plans to keep your firm on track.

Project Scope


  1. Understand the practice’s short-term and long-term goals
  2. Structure the business strategy through The Enabler process (diagram below) to drive success for the practice
  3. Review and implement the right systems, processes and people
  4. Understand and choose the right software applications to meet your service delivery objectives
  5. Evaluate the practice’s current marketing processes
  1. Develop a new and sustainable business strategy
  2. Review and develop the right advisory engagement letter
  3. Develop a dynamic advisory proposal that really sells
  4. Create a business advisory implementation plan that will drive service accountability in the firm
  5. Secure at least one advisory client on an annuity engagement
The Enabler_image

Hear from our Project Consultant

Strategic aim:  Using the 4R Framework to establish the practice’s human resource strategy that is integrated with its business strategy


Hear from our Project Consultant

“The key elements from this People Strategy project work will be to identify gaps, formulate plans customised to your business needs as well as improving the existing HR policies and procedures.”

Strategic aims:  Develop a technology plan to improve productivity and business growth through the effective use of technology.



1.  Implement smart proposal solution     

     (e.g. Goproposal/practice Ignition etc.)

Improved onboarding: Transparent Pricing and improved experience

2.  Automate Expense Management (e.g. Receiptbank)

Reduce paperwork and manual data entry: maintain detailed audit trail

3.  Migrate to a cloud based practice

Realtime data sharing, increased accessibility and improved decision making

4.  Implement RPA (1 selected Process)

24*7 processing of transactional high volume process