Recommended CPE Hours for PAIBs

All professional accountants are to maintain professional knowledge and skills at the level required to ensure that clients or employers receive competent professional service; and to act diligently in accordance with applicable technical and professional standards when performing professional activities or providing professional services(1). As a guide, ISCA recommends that PAIBs should attend at least 20 hours of verifiable learning each year.


 Key Categories(2)

CPE hours
each year

CPE hours in each rolling 3-year period

  • Professional Values and Ethics
  • Future Finance
  • Business Acumen
  • Technical Excellence
  • Leadership and Personal Empowerment
Total Verifiable CPE Hours2060


(1) Section 130 ISCA Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics
(2) Key Categories as specified in the ISCA PAIB Framework

ISCA PAIB Framework

About PAIB Learning Roadmap

PAIB Learning Roadmap (FA and MA)