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Selected E-Learning Programme

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Course CodeProgrammeTotal CPE hoursMode of Learning
ADT002iADT002i: Group Audits: Module 1 - Planning (Part 1)1.5E-Learning (24/7)
ADT003iADT003i : Group Audits: Module 2 – Planning (Part 2)1E-Learning (24/7)
ADT004iADT004i: Group Audits: Module 3 - Planning (Part 3)1.5E-Learning (24/7)
ADT005iADT005i: Group Audits: Module 4 - Execution1.5E-Learning (24/7)
ADT007iADT007i: Group Audits: Module 6 - Common Issues1.5E-Learning (24/7)
BF003iBF003i: Mergers and Acquisitions1.5E-Learning (24/7)
BF005iBF005i : Capital Planning1E-Learning (24/7)
BF006iBF006i: Corporate Governance and Control1.5E-Learning (24/7)
BF007iBF007i : Financial Statement Analysis1E-Learning (24/7)
BF008iBF008i: Sustainability Reporting1.5E-Learning (24/7)
BF010iBF010i: Valuation of Intangible Assets - Common methods adopted in the marketplace (E Learning)1.5E-Learning (24/7)
DGT002iDGT002i: Financial Modelling1.5E-Learning (24/7)
DGT003iDGT003i : Data Analytics Made Easy1E-Learning (24/7)
E005iE005i : Ethics & Professionalism: Relevance of Ethics Pronouncement 100 to Professional Accountants2E-Learning (24/7)
E011iE011i: Ethical Dilemmas & Decision Making (E-Learning)1.5E-Learning (24/7)
E014iE014i : Ethics Pronouncement 100: Relevance to Professional Accountants (for ISCA Members)2E-Learning (24/7)
MP001iMP001i: Effective Leadership in Practice1.5E-Learning (24/7)
MP002iMP002i: Marketing Fundamentals for Accounting Firms1.5E-Learning (24/7)
MP003iMP003i: Business Advisory Success1.5E-Learning (24/7)
MP004iMP004i : Finance Business Partnering1E-Learning (24/7)
MP005iMP005i : Sceptical Mindset for Accountants1E-Learning (24/7)
MP006iMP006i: Effective Delegation and Feedback1.5E-Learning (24/7)
MP007iMP007i : Effective On-The-Job Coaching1E-Learning (24/7)
MP008iMP008i : Effective Conflict Management1E-Learning (24/7)
RM002iRM002i: Enterprise Risk Management1.5E-Learning (24/7)
TAX001iTAX001i: Transfer Pricing Primer (E-Learning)1.5E-Learning (24/7)
TAX004iTAX004i: Transfer Pricing (Part 1) - Key Principles, Analysis and Methods (E Learning)1.5E-Learning (24/7)
TAX005iTAX005i: Transfer Pricing (Part 2): TP Documentation, Dispute Resolution and Risk Management (E Learning)1.5E-Learning (24/7)


Terms & Conditions

  • This promotion is offered by ISCA in the month of June 2022 for a limited time only.  
  • The Institute reserves the right to amend the selected list of e-learning courses as deemed necessary without prior notice.
  • Refund of fees in full or partial is strictly not allowed.
  • The promotional fee is only applicable for online registration for the selected ISCA e-learning courses offered by ISCA.
  • Click here to view CPE Terms and Conditions. ISCA reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.


Upon successful registration and payment, you will be notified via email within 10-15 mins on your enrolment confirmation with user instructions to access this programme.
Please complete all topics and sub-topics within the E-Learning courseware.
(The programme and assessment is valid for 6 months from the date of purchase)