Career Advice

You may be faced with opportunities or challenges from time to time during the course of your long career. How you grab these chances or overcome obstacles in a steadfast manner, depends not just on your innate abilities, but also knowledge of how others apply themselves in the same situation. The following resources will be useful in helping you navigate your way through your career:

Perform at Work
Bad Leadership: 10 Mistakes Every Great Leader Avoids

It's not easy being a leader. However if you are aware of the various pitfalls that can lead to bad leadership, you can recognise these habits early on and adjust your leadership style accordingly. Here are 10 mistakes that every great leader should avoid (read more)

Emotional Intelligence and its Importance in the Workplace

Are you emotionally intelligent? Not to worry if you aren’t - it’s a trait that can be developed and an important one for leadership. Find out how you can acquire this skill set (read more)

Be a Better Boss: Nine Ways to Inspire Your Team

How do you know if you are a good boss or a bad boss? If you are the latter, your team is not going to tell you, they will just be talking about it behind your back. That negatively affects... (read more)

How to Deal with Egos at Work

We are important. That’s what our ego tells us, and it is right of course. Our ego is our sense of self-esteem and self-importance. It constantly requires us to seek more money, power, possessions, glory and prestige. When an ego is inflated or clashes with colleagues’ in the workplace, that’s when sparks tend to fly. Energy and focus is then spent on... (read more)

Market Yourself
5 Tips to Build Killer Communication Skills (Even if You’re Shy)

Sending emails, fielding queries and interacting with colleagues may come effortlessly to some people. But what if you tend to be shy or introverted? We’ve got some thoughts on how you can develop more assertive communication skills (read more)

Job-Hunting After 50: It Isn’t Over Yet!

For senior-level professionals, looking for a new job when you’re in your 50s can sometimes be a challenge, even if you have the necessary qualifications or... (read more)

Competency-Based Questions: How to Handle Them With the STAR Technique

Answering interview questions can be difficult. If you find yourself struggling to condense your years of experience into a 60 minute conversation, the STAR technique may come in handy. The STAR technique lends structure to your answers and serves to showcase your achievements and capabilities... (read more)

Employability Skills
6 Must-Have Project Management Skills that Companies Look For

Project managers play an important role in pulling various stakeholders together to ensure the successful execution of business projects. If you’re seeking a career in project management or planning a switch to this role in Singapore, here are 6 must-have project management skills that companies are looking for (read more)

5 Reasons Why Volunteering is Great for Your Career

It is a two-way street, with volunteering providing experiences and skills that may not necessarily be gained in the normal working environment. Here we look at the benefits of volunteering and how it can be presented on your CV to appeal to potential employers (read more)

Employment Market Outlook

This study by RGF aims to look at the optimism of the market based on hiring plans, salary adjustments and forecasted challenges. Click on the graphics to read more.



4 Fintech Trends Transforming Recruitment in Asia

What are the four fintech trends across Asia that will underpin the beginnings of this cashless economy — and the jobs that go with it? (read more)

How Workplace Automation is Changing Accounting Jobs

Technology has transformed business beyond recognition in recent decades. It has created new jobs and made others obsolete. Never has the pace of change been so fast. In this article, we explore how far workplace automation is changing the accounting sector (read more)

Top Do's in Company Diversity and Inclusion Practices

Implementing workplace diversity is an emerging concept in Asia. Already, many companies are starting to realise the importance of having a varied workforce. Having a solid diversity and inclusion (D&I) strategy often benefits businesses as it has the potential to... (read more)

6 Soft Skills to Hire For in Accounting and Finance Jobs

Soft skills are becoming an integral part of the workplace. With many businesses now moving beyond number crunching, find out why you need to identify which soft skills your team needs today to deal with the challenges of tomorrow (read more)