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Future Employment Landscape Seminar (by ISCA and SHRI)

Local employment growth has been dampened in recent years by a structural slowdown in the growth of the local work force, and cyclical weakness in the economy due to the subdued global economic conditions, with the impact varied across sectors. Going forward, local employment growth is expected to continue to be modest. At the individual level, employees have to understand that new skills are constantly needed as technologies change rapidly.

What exactly is the employment landscape going to be like in 2017, what are some of the skillsets required to stay relevant, and what are some of the support provided by the Government to help our workforce?

Join us at this session to hear from our speakers and find out more!

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Career Pathways Talk

Accounting offers a diverse career path that spans the public accounting firms, accounting and finance functions in the public and private sectors, and companies of different sizes. At the individual level, specialisations include assurance and tax advisory to other unique areas like forensic and environmental accounting. Do you know which career fields and positions best fit you, your personal strengths and personality?

Organised with the ISCA Young Professionals Advisory Committee, Career Pathways Talks provide participants with practical advice and in-depth knowledge about the various specialisations, as shared by seasoned professionals who have gone through that path.

Here are some pictures from the previous session:

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Self-Improvement Workshop

These sessions aim to help equip young professionals with valuable life skills for meeting clients and impressing your business partners. For example, public speaking skills, grooming essentials, wine appreciation, dining etiquette, etc.

This is a new initiative for 2017.

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27 April, Thursday

Styling for the Right Occasion
We may have probably heard of these phrases a thousand times, “You are what you wear” or “You never get a second chance to make a first impression”. However, these quotes are especially true and relevant in today’s corporate world. The way we dress and carry ourselves can help portray greater self-confidence and leave a deeper first impression.

Come join us for an inspiring evening with Lani Chan, Head of Club 21’s Style Services and Lance Lim, Freelance Stylist, as we discover the various styles, colour trends, and outfit choices and accessories that best fit different occasions. You will also have the opportunity to get a sneak peak at the fashion highlights for the season.

Only 20 slots are available, so register now!

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Be.Recognised Career Fair

Organised by the Singapore Accountancy Commission and e2i, Be.Recognised Career Fair is the premier career fair for the accountancy sector. At the last event in August, 14 Accredited Training Organisations and 2 Accredited Learning Organisations were present, and more than 300 accountancy graduates and non-graduates thronged the event hall.

The fair allowed participants to know more about the current employment opportunities, and network with potential employers.

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New Members Ceremony

The New Members Ceremony is a biannual event which not only aims to welcome new CA (Singapore) members to the Institute, but also recognise the contributions of FCA (Singapore) and newly conferred Life Members.

More than that, members also have the opportunity to network with each other as well as learn from the experience of senior members through candid sharing by invited speakers and inspirational messages from Life Members.

Here are some pictures from the previous session:

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