Mentoring Programme


Launched in 2016, the ISCA Mentoring Programme is a 12-month programme designed to provide young career aspirants with access to experienced C-Suite Executives to learn, to network and to grow. Through this one-on-one mentoring programme, mentees can pick up valuable tips on career growth, leadership management skills and stakeholder communication, amongst many other areas of expertise which the mentor could offer. An external mentor can also present a different perspective on work related challenges and offer plausible advice to serve as a sounding board for ideas and career related decisions.

We have had three successful runs and registrations are open for the 2021 run.

Why you should join the ISCA Mentoring Programme?

Are you a finance professional with aspirations to become a CFO? Are you looking forward to hearing real-life experiences and advice from an experienced finance leader? 

Participate as a mentee in the ISCA Mentoring Programme to:

Or are you an experienced CFO keen to groom our future generation leaders? Are you looking forward to networking with other finance leaders from different industries?

Participate as a mentor in the ISCA Mentoring Programme to:

Intended For: Accounting and finance professionals who aspire to be CFOs/Head of Finance

Programme Details
  • The 2021 run will begin in Q1 2021 
  • It will run for a period of 12 months
Programme Format

ISCA will conduct 3 networking sessions throughout the programme

  • Welcome get-together including a sharing session by mentors and mentees
  • Mid-point get-together for progress report
  • Closing networking to evaluate the mentoring programme

January 2021 (tentative)

  • Each mentor will be matched to one mentee accordingly to each party‚Äôs suitability and stated objectives during the matching process
  • Kick-off ISCA Mentoring Programme 2019 with a get-together session for mentors and mentees to align key objectives and expectations

June 2021 (tentative)             

  • Mid-point get-together milestone checks on progression with mentors and mentees

December 2021 (tentative)

  • Closing networking session to gather feedback and evaluation of the programme

Throughout the mentorship period

  • Each mentor and mentee pair can arrange to meet at their own discretion. It is recommended that the pair meets about 6-9 times over the 12-month period
  • After the 12-month period, the mentor and mentee pair may decide, on their own accord, whether to continue with their mentoring relationship
  • All information provided in your application will be strictly confidential and shared only with the successfully matched mentor

The 2021 run of the ISCA Mentoring Programme will commence on January 2021.

For mentees who are interested to participate in 2021's run, kindly register your interest for the programme here.

For mentors who are interested to participate in 2021's run, kindly submit your application form here.

If you have further enquiries, please drop us an email at Career Support.