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Build business connections and career opportunities: With ISCA becoming a full member of Chartered Accountants Worldwide, you now belong to one of the leading global institutes of Chartered Accountants, connecting and representing the interests of over 1.7 million members and students in 200 countries.

Enjoy access to the combined expertise, resources and events offered by leading chartered accountancy bodies. 

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ASEAN Chartered Professional Accountant 

Qualify as an ASEAN CPA and provide non-regulated accountancy services in ASEAN markets without having to undergo extensive re-training or re-qualification procedures.


Did you know? ASEAN is one of the highest growth economic regions in the world. 
Gain market access and new opportunities with the ASEAN CPA title.

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Networking and industry-based forums

Learn, share and network with fellow ISCA members through our networking events and industry-based forums.

There are numerous platforms for you to expand your professional network - from the Young Professional Accountants Committee (YPAC)  that brings together young professionals to discuss topics relevant to them, to the ISCA Run and special interest groups which provides members with a healthy platform to connect.