Application for Reduced Subscription Fee

Effective from the 2017 membership renewal, a reduction of 50 percent of the full membership fee will be granted to members who are eligible for a reduced fee. The Institute may also grant special waivers for members who are terminally ill on a discretionary basis.

Members who are facing financial hardship* due to the following reasons can apply for a reduced annual subscription.

*Financial hardship is defined as unemployment for a minimum of one year since 1 January in the preceding year before the year of subscription.

Members who are unemployed due to retrenchment may be exempted from the minimum 1 year of unemployment requirement and such reduced fee application will be assessed on a case by case basis. Applicants will need to demonstrate that they have been retrenched and were unemployed for a period of not less than six months, which includes 1 January of the year of subscription.

Singapore CA Qualification Candidate

Exclusive for Singapore CA Qualification (formerly known as Singapore QP) candidates, an Associate who is a Singapore CA Qualification candidate in his/her second or third year of study can submit a reduced fee application to enjoy 50 percent discount of the prevailing annual subscription fee.

Application timeline

If you wish to apply for reduced fee, please submit your application online by 31 January of the year of renewal before renewing your membership. This online application will be made available when the annual renewal commences. 

All requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and members will be informed via email on the outcome of their appeal in due course.

Please take note that a member can be granted fee reductions for a maximum of 5 times throughout his membership with the Institute.


For FAQs pertaining to the Application for Reduced Subscription Fee, please click here.