Returning to Membership

In accordance with Article 25 of the ISCA Constitution, members with fees in arrears for three months or more will be removed from the Institute’s register.

A former member of ISCA seeking to return to membership will have to submit his reinstatement request on or before 31 December of the year of removal. In addition, he will have to pay a reinstatement fee of $107 (including GST), the annual subscription fee and a late payment fee of $32.10 (including GST). Members may login to the ISCA eServices Portal and submit your reinstatement application via the "Reinstate Membership" button by 31 December of the year of removal. 

Any reinstatement request received on or after 1 January in the subsequent year will be treated as a new membership application and will be assessed in accordance with the prevailing admission requirements. For re-admission as a CA (Singapore), it will be subject to the requirement to complete the Singapore CA Qualification or a recognised equivalent professional qualification which has a reciprocal membership agreement with ISCA. For more information on the Singapore CA Qualification, please refer to

For members seeking for readmission to membership, please login to the ISCA eServices Portal and submit a new membership application via "Apply for Membership" on the left menu.


For FAQs pertaining to the reinstatement or readmission criteria, please click here.