Table 1: Professional Competencies

Type of Skills


1. Process Management

- Coordination or management of one of more business case development

- Experience in tender documents or bid development

- Tender evaluation process

- Market sounding process

- Project resource allocation

2. Analytical

- Obtain relevant data to process information and assess viability of projects

3. Written Communication

- Preparation of engagement letter

- Prepare tender documents

- Execution of project report

 Table 2: Areas of Work

Areas of Work

Examples of Project Scope

1. Risk Analysis and Mitigation

- Undertake or review project risk assessment

- Perform or review risk allocation of PPP projects

- Establish or review risk management framework

2. Project Financing

- Involvement in structuring project finance projects

- Analysis of financing metrics

- Assess creditworthiness of projects

3. PPP Contracts

- Prepare and develop PPP contracts

- Advise on key commercial principles in PPP contracts

- Design termination payments

4. Financial Modelling

- Perform Value for Money analysis on infrastructure projects

- Build project finance model

- Undertake model review