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IS Chartered Accountant Journal

September 2022 Issue


Shaping Future Accountancy Professionals

A recent report reveals that companies which proactively undertook transformative actions to ride through the disruptive impact of COVID-19 saw outperformance compared to reactive transformers. It also reflects possible correlations between their performance and transformation approaches.

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Sustainability: The New Language Of Business

The hybrid-format ISCA PAIB Conference on August 25 focused on the theme of sustainability. Over 900 delegates garnered insights into the opportunities for accountancy and finance professionals in the emerging green space, compliance standards and regulatory requirements, as well as sustainability-related risks and implications.

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Shaping Future Accountancy Leaders

The world has changed, and so have the demands on the accountancy profession. In this article, three ISCA Council members share what the future holds for young accountants and those studying to be accountants, and how they can come up tops.

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What Do Accountants Do?

The professional education and experience of an accountant open doors to a myriad of opportunities in the accountancy profession as well as in different areas of business across industries. Find out more about the evolving roles of accountants.

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Starting A Fitness Journey

Pick activities that resonate with your interests, then establish an environment that supports your new lifestyle and fitness routine. Tap on the power of people and things as they can serve as useful cues for you to keep to your fitness regime.

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TP Cases Beyond Singapore's Shores

As the number of transfer pricing (TP) audits and litigations around the world rises, it becomes increasingly important for taxpayers to keep abreast of TP developments and proactively manage their intercompany transactions. Here are some highlights of the critical issues and takeaways from recent international TP cases.

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13_TE_FRS 117 Insurance Contracts Vs MAS Risk-Based Capital 2_300x150dpi

FRS 117 Insurance Contracts Vs MAS’ Risk-Based Capital 2 (Part 2)

When FRS 117 comes into effect on 1 January 2023, insurers in Singapore will need to follow the requirements under MAS’ Risk-Based Capital (RBC) 2 framework. Here, the IFRS 17 Working Group explores specific considerations around the determination of contract boundaries for the life insurance business under FRS 117 and RBC 2.

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