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IS Chartered Accountant Journal

August 2022 Issue

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Shaping Future Accountancy Professionals

The Institute marks International Youth Day, which falls on August 12, through the lens of education. Two educators share their insights into the trends that influence the way they impart knowledge to their accountancy students, and how they themselves are constantly adapting in order to better prepare their young charges for the new world of work upon graduation.

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Taking A Lead Role In Sustainabi-lity

Accountants are in a position to bring value to clients facing the new sustainability regulations and trends. Three ISCA Council members give their take on sustainability and the accountancy profession, as well as how accountants can seize opportunities in the emerging green space.

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Net Zero

Net zero requires the collective effort of all stakeholders. To fully embrace this shift, businesses must incorporate net zero into their organising principles. Accountants are at the frontline of making pivotal systemic changes to benefit companies in the long term.

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2H Updates From OCBC Bank

MAS has announced its second off-cycle tightening move this year, which is a further calibrated step to lean against price pressures becoming more persistent. It will build on previous tightening moves to help slow inflation momentum and ensure medium-term price stability.

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Token Representa- tion

As a form of digital token, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) offer potential benefits for commerce as each token has distinct and unique features which are verified and secured by blockchain technology. Is it time to jump on the bandwagon? Find out Singapore’s views towards NFTs and blockchain technology.

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Don's Column: Making Sense Of The Increasingly Demanding Sustainabi- lity Disclosure Environment

There is strong demand for high-quality and globally comparable sustainability disclosures that are compatible with the financial statements. Preparers can frame their disclosures by considering what information enables investors to assess the prospects and risk profile of the entity.

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TP Governance And Operations

To ensure that taxes are appropriately accounted for, companies need to put in place a robust governance system with proper standards, processes and controls. A recent Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals webinar looks at the TP governance landscape in Singapore, and the role of technology in mitigating operational TP risks.

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