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IS Chartered Accountant Journal

December 2021 Issue

ISCA Focus (The Future of Volunteerism)

The Future Of Volunteerism

The strengthening of a caring culture is central to making Singapore a place that we can proudly call home. To achieve this, there is a need for a whole-of-society effort, with everyone caring for each other and leaving no one behind. Here is the why, what and how of collective care.

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Focus (Year in Review)

2021: Year In Review

Digital transformation, structural reforms and COVID-19 disruptions; megatrends including sustainability, financial forensics and more, all combined to make the year a challenging one for business. Find out what the Institute has been doing to support our members, the profession and industry.

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ISCA Dec Member Profile

A Passion For Compassion

To mark the International Volunteer Day on December 5, we share the stories of three members who have committed significant time and effort in community service. Their work is guided by the needs of those they serve, and driven by their personal convictions.

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_VP (RCEP Benefits For Singapore Businesses (Part 2))

RCEP Benefits For Singapore Business (Part 2)

The Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) offers a host of upsides, which are illustrated in three booklets published by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. In the second of a three-part series, discover how your business can benefit from the services, investment, and e-commerce provisions under the RCEP.

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Focus (Artificial Intelligence and Work (Part 2))

Artificial Intelligence And Work (Part 2)

One of the most important issues today is the impact of intelligent technologies on human work. Researchers compare their case studies of people collaborating with artificial intelligence-enabled smart machines with the key findings from the MIT Task Force "Work of the Future" report.

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Focus (Anti-Money-Laundering Due Diligence During COVID-19)

Anti-Money-Laundering Due Diligence During COVID-19

Professional firms have had to adjust their business models to address the disruptions arising from the pandemic. This article looks specifically at the money laundering threats and vulnerabilities during this time, and what firms can do to respond to them.

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TE (GST on E-Commerce)

GST On E-Commerce

With the rapid boom in online business transactions, tax authorities have introduced unilateral measures to tax e-commerce. A Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals webinar highlighted the practical considerations that GST-registered businesses involved in e-commerce should note.

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