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Welcome to the IS Chartered Accountant Journal. ISCA is proud to unveil the IS Chartered Accountant Journal mobile app; the app comes with new features that were not possible on the print copy. Please download the app from the links at the bottom of the page. With this launch we have also revamped the journal webpage; the page will feature the must-reads from the current issue of the journal in a pictorial spread similar to the digital journal. Please click on any of the articles below to read more.

IS Chartered Accountant Journal

February 2021 Issue

Focus (ISCA pre-budget roundtable (800 X 532)

ISCA Pre-Budget Roundtable 2021

The signature annual ISCA event gathers the views and insights of business leaders from trade associations and chambers and accountancy firms to focus on how the Budget can shape the Singapore economy in these challenging times so that together, we can emerge stronger.

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Focus (2020 AC Study (Part 1))

Audit Committee Landscape In Singapore (Part 1)

The latest study continues to benchmark and calibrate the progress of audit committees of listed companies in Singapore intertemporally; the progression towards the adoption of best practices suggests that listed companies take regulations and best practices seriously, even though requirements have been increasing over time.

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TE (Missing trader fraud in Singapore)

Missing Trader Fraud In Singapore

Parliament recently passed amendments to the GST Act to counteract missing trader fraud (MTF) in Singapore; a Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals webinar spotlights the amendments, and the reasonable steps that businesses should take to protect against MTF.

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Focus (Member Profile - Beyond the KPIs of Success)1

Beyond The KPIs Of Success

FCA (Singapore) Tay Peng Huat, CFO of the Jumbo Group, touches on a range of subjects spanning his move from an audit firm to a commercial entity, recipe for his professional accomplishments, Covid-19-related challenges, and his views about the KPIs of success.

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Focus (Emerging digital life in South and Southeast Asia Deloitte)

Emerging Digital Life In South and Southeast Asia

An extensive survey across different age groups and countries reveals insights into the presence, profile and pace of digital usage in the region; there is huge potential waiting to be unleashed as countries advance on their digitalisation journeys.

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VP - A sharper focus on the customer

FRS 116 Leases

The article examines the practical aspects of application of the new FRS 116 standard, with a focus on the contracting considerations between related companies when accounting for sub-leases by the intermediate lessors.

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VP (Keeping our data safe)

Keeping Our Data Safe

in our business and daily lives, companies collect vast amounts of our personal data, which may be leaked or misused; a team of researchers proposes measures that regulators and companies can undertake to preserve consumer privacy.

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