Lodging a Complaint

Anyone, be it a member of the public, clients or other ISCA members and even the Institute itself can lodge a complaint against any member of the Institute.

All complaints against any member must:

  1. be in writing;
  2. be supported by relevant documentary evidence;
  3. provide the full name of the member complained against;
  4. confirm that attempt has been made to resolve the matter with the member concerned but was not successfully resolved;
  5. state clearly what the complaint is about;
  6. provide the name, address and contact details of the complainant;
  7. be signed by the complainant.

 The Institute may require that the complaint be supported by a Statutory Declaration and/or that the complainant deposit with the Institute a reasonable sum not exceeding $1000 to be used as payment for any costs and expenses as may be incurred by the Institute in dealing with the complaint. Any unused portion of the deposit shall be returned to the complainant. Where the complaint is found to be frivolous or vexatious, the sum deposited shall be forfeited.

 Issues that ISCA will not deal with:

  1. Anonymous complaints;
  2. Complaints relating to public accounting entities or companies or non-members of the Institute;
  3. Complaints relating to fee disputes between a member and his client;
  4. Complaints involving commercial or personal disputes or employer/employee disputes
  5. Complaints whereby the matter is before a court of law, or is currently under investigation by the police or other regulatory authorities.

 Before lodging a complaint: