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19 Mar 2019

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2018 ACRA PMP findings specific to SMPs

Key Auditing Issues Arising from Adoption of the New Leases Standard FRS 116

EP 200 Findings from Quality Assurance Review, please click here to register.

Previous Topics Conducted

Accounts Payable  
Analytical Procedures 
Audit Planning 
Audit Quality Control 
Audit Completion 
Audit Documentation 
Accounting and Auditing Cryptocurrencies
Challenges in Auditing Accounting Estimates and How to Overcome Them

Construction Contracts 
Deferred Tax
Fraud Considerations in Financial Statements Audit 
FRS 115 Revenue Recognition – A New Ball Game
Identification and Assessment of Significant Risks
Key Auditing Issues Arising from Adoption of FRS 115
Purchase Price Allocation 
Related Parties
Revenue Recognition
Shared-based Payment
Property, Plant and Equipment

Accounts Receivable 
Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism
Audit of Accounting Estimates 
Auditor's Report 
Audit Sampling 
Audit of Inventories and Trade Receivables: Common Pitfalls and How to Overcome Them
Common Quality Assurance (QA) Review Findings

FRS 116 Leases – A New Right-Of-Use Approach to Lessee Accounting
Functional Currency
Going Concern
Group Audits
Internal Controls over Purchase and Payment Cycle and their Implications on Audit Strategy
Implementation of SSQC 1
Planning an Effective and Efficient Audit
Post Balance Sheet Events Review
Profit and Loss  

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