The Management Team

The Principal Officers comprise the senior management of the Institute and they are responsible for leading ISCA and managing its activities to implement the strategies and direction of the Council.



Ms Fann Kor
Chief Executive Officer




Ms Soh Suat Lay
Divisional Director (Members Experience and Communications)



Ms Ang Pei Fen
Divisional Director (Executive Office and Practice Monitoring)

Kang Wee Geat


Mr Kang Wai Geat 
Divisional Director (Professional Standards)

Fua Qiu Lin

Ms Fua Qiu Lin
Divisional Director (Members and Stakeholders Engagement)

Zoey Xie

Ms Zoey Xie
Director (CA Academy)

Tan Wei Luo

Mr Tan Wei Luo
Divisional Director (Qualification, Education and Partnership)