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Launch price of $650 (usual $900) until 31 March 2023, enrol today!

*Fees quoted are before prevailing GST rate.

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About ISCA Corporate Membership

All Singapore-registered local or foreign companies, business firms, associations or government organisations etc. can join as ISCA Corporate Members. This is regardless of whether your representatives or team members are existing ISCA members. 

When signing up for the Corporate Membership, you will be asked to provide a valid Unique Entity Number (UEN), Registry of Business (ROB) or Registry of Companies (ROC) reference. 

A single annual Corporate Membership fee of $900 (before GST) applies to each organisation, regardless of the number of employees. There is currently a launch price $650 (before GST) for sign-ups until 31 March 2023.
  • Let all your staff, including those who are not ISCA members, enjoy member rates for courses and events.
  • Get help in sourcing for Chartered Accountants to fill finance roles
  • Get help in sourcing for senior Chartered Accountants for Board, Audit Committee or Treasure appointments.

The corporate membership is for a period of one (1) year, with the option to renew nearing to the expiry date.

For sign-ups before 1 January 2023, the one-year subscription period is from 1 January 2023 to 31 December 2023 as all corporate membership entitlements will only take effect from 1 January 2023. 

For sign-ups on or after 1 January 2023, the subscription period of one year counts from the date of sign-up. The corporate membership entitlements take effect from the date of corporate membership sign-up.

When signing up for the ISCA Corporate Membership, you will be asked to appoint an Account Administrator and Account Representative.

The Account Administrator is the person who performs administrative processes on behalf of your organisation e.g. register staff for courses and renew the corporate membership etc.

The Account Representative is the person who will have access to the ISCA members’ lounge and receive invites to exclusive networking events on behalf of your organisation. We recommend that someone from your management team be appointed as your Account Representative.

Both the Account Administrator and Account Representative will be able to log-in to the Corporate Membership via the ISCA Portal using their email addresses. 

Login to ISCA Portal using the registered email address

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You will need to utilise your corporate membership entitlements by the expiry date of your subscription period. Any unutilised entitlement will be not be carried forward to your next subscription period when you renew your corporate membership.
There is no limit to the number of team members who can enjoy the entitlements under the corporate membership, as long as you have available training hours or facilities booking credits to utilise. 

Complimentary 20 hours of curated e-learning

There is a list of e-learning modules that your team can choose from. The topics range from accounting technical knowledge, audit technical topics, financial reporting, sustainability reporting, ethics, personal develop skills, tax and more. Each module is about 1 to 2.5 hours long, which are short courses where your team members can learn at their own pace.

As long the individuals are employees of your organisation, they can utilise the complimentary 20 hours of curated e-learning, regardless of whether they have an accounting qualification or are existing ISCA members.

The individual employee will be prompted to enter their details before they start the e-learning module. Upon completion of the module, a digital certification will be issued to the designated name. The digital certification is available for download from ISCA Portal via the corporate member log-in, under My Certificates.

For the entitlement of 20 hours of curated e-learning, this would be part of the corporate membership entitlements and a new set of 20 hours will be made available with the annual renewal of your corporate membership.

Employees of an organisation who is an ISCA Corporate Member is not required to fulfill CPE hours, unless he or she is an ISCA Member. ISCA Members may refer to their CPE requirements. For staff who are ISCA members, the duration of the e-learning can be counted towards fulfilling their CPE requirements where applicable.

Booking of Facilities

The facilities available for booking include meeting rooms (including for coffee and/or dining), training rooms (suitable for hybrid events) and work spaces. Have a look at the photos on our Corporate Membership brochure.

The $500 credits to book ISCA facility is for one-time use only. In the event that the facility booking made is less than $500, the remaining amount will be forfeited.

The booking of ISCA facilities will be subject to availability. More details on how to book the facilities will be shared soon. For existing Corporate Members who wish to make a booking, please contact
Any cancellation of the facility booking that is less than 48 hours notice will not be refundable. For any cancellation, it may take up to a month for the facility credits to be credited back into your corporate account.

ISCA members and Corporate Members (via Account Representative). Members may bring guests but they need to register upon entry.

Members can bring in their own caterers. ISCA is currently working to bring in F&B vendors to be our partners in our catering requirements. Once this is available, it will be updated in the booking website. However, ISCA will impose a service fee to provide this service.

Yes, ISCA will provide essential support such as room set-up and AV equipment. Events support can also be provided at separate charges.

Need help with Hiring, Training and Board Appointments?

ISCA facilitates in hiring of qualified accountants for your team via the ISCA Career Growth Centre, Career Matching for ISCA Members. You may click here for more details.

For corporate members, you may fill in the form with the criteria of the candidates and ISCA will assist to recommend the suitable candidates for your company.
ISCA could have a discussion with the organisation’s representative eg. Head of Finance to understand the composition of the Finance team, identify the skill gap and recommend the appropriate courses for the team.

A board of directors with diverse backgrounds enables a well-rounded and effective process for decision-making. ISCA members are professional accountants well-equipped with the skills and expertise to contribute in terms of technical competencies and professional experience. ISCA is able facilitate and match qualified members to the companies (Corporate Members) for board appointments. Please reach out to to kickstart the discussion.

Other Perks

Corporate members can enjoy preferential rates for advertising on the ISCA Journal. For more details, please contact

Yes, all staff of ISCA Corporate Members will be able to subscribe to ISCAccountify at the ISCA members rate.

Yes,  ISCA Corporate Members can enjoy discounts and promotions offered by our merchant partners. See details at Member Privileges