Adding Value to Businesses

In a rapidly changing landscape, businesses need talent with the skill and foresight to navigate challenges ahead. 

With their financial expertise and business acumen, coupled with deep-rooted values of integrity and professionalism, chartered accountants add value to a plethora of businesses from healthcare to education, government to technology, audit and assurance to financial services. 

These future-ready chartered accountants, share their career trajectories and how they have prepared themselves for changes in the business environment through ISCA's initiatives which empower members to achieve their aspirations. 


In this video, leaders in the accountancy profession share their views on the value of Chartered Accountants.


These chartered accountants, who are leaders in diverse industries, share their perspectives on key areas that will shape the future of accountancy and business. 

The Future of Business: Data Analytics
Chng Sok Hui
Chief Financial Officer
DBS Group

The Future of Business: Sustainability Reporting
Dennis Chia 
Chief Financial Officer

The Future of Business: Mergers & Acquisitions
Keoy Soo Earn 
Regional Managing Partner, SEA Financial Advisory 

The Future of Business: FRS116 Leases
Lelaina Lim 
Group Finance Director,
Al-Futtaim Asia

The Future of Business: Uberisation of Accountancy
Sarjit Singh 
Executive Chairman

The Future of Business: Risk Management
Yvonne Toh 
Director of Finance
Siemens Healthineers

To view the key takeaways from the videos above, view the 2 short videos below: 

   Value to Businesses - Risk Management, M&A, Leases   Value to Businesses - Uberisation, Sustainability Reporting, Big Data