Chartered Accountant Pathway - updated (for review)

The Singapore Accountancy Commission (SAC) has announced on 1 April 2013 that the new Chartered Accountant of Singapore (CA (Singapore)) professional designation will be conferred to candidates who have completed the Singapore CA Qualification (formerly known as Singapore QP).  A set of Transitional Arrangements for all stakeholders affected by the Singapore CA Qualification was also announced.

If you aspire to be a CA (Singapore), you could either:

  1. Satisfy the conditions of the Transitional Arrangements within the specified timelines applicable to you; or
  2. Complete the Singapore CA Qualification

The recognition of holders of other professional qualifications for admission as a CA (Singapore) will be subject to the reciprocity agreements to be established with the SAC and ISCA based on the Singapore CA Qualification framework.

Transitional Arrangements

To find out if you are able to satisfy the conditions of the Transitional Arrangements before you proceed to apply as an Associate of ISCA:

Transitional Arrangements

 If you are covered under the Transitional Arrangements, follow the link below for more information:

CA (Singapore) Application under the Transitional Arrangement

Singapore CA Qualification (formerly known as Singapore QP) Graduates

If you have completed your Singapore CA Qualification, follow the link below to apply as a CA (Singapore):

CA (Singapore) Application for Singapore CA Qualification Graduates