ISCA Financial Forensic Professional (FFP) Credential and Membership

ISCA Financial Forensic Professional (FFP) Credential and Membership

The ISCA FFP credential will be conferred to eligible:

ISCA members or applicants who have qualified under the ISCA Financial Forensic Accounting (FFA) Qualification

ISCA members or applicants who successfully complete the ISCA FFA Qualification within their candidature validity period may apply for the ISCA FFP credential. To apply for the ISCA FFP credential, one will first have to be an ISCA member and satisfy the following membership and experience requirements:

Membership Requirements
• Existing ISCA members who have maintained ISCA membership in good standing and complied with the CPE requirements with no outstanding complaints or disciplinary proceedings; or
• Non-ISCA members will need to apply for Associate membership and be admitted as Associate (Specialist)

Experience Requirements
• At the point of application, ISCA FFA Qualification graduates must be working in financial forensic-related fields, have acquired and accumulated at least three (3) years of recent and relevant financial forensic-related work experience. “Recent” refers to the work experience acquired within six (6) years immediately prior to the date of credential application. Please indicate at least one (1) area of specialisation out of 12 areas for each employment.

Apply for ISCA FFP credential 

  • Fill up your application online. 

  • Complete and upload the Character Reference form (downloadable in the online application form)
    The character referees need to have known the applicant for a period of at least 6 months at the time of application.
    • First referee: CA (Singapore) or full member of a recognised accountancy body
    • Second referee: Present Employer - HR personnel or Reporting Officer 
      (Applicants may get another CA (Singapore) or full member of a recognised accountancy body to be their second 
      referee if they have been in their current employment for less than 6 months.) 

  • Upload of supporting documents.
    • Front and back copy of personal identity card such as NRIC/FIN/Passport^ (applicable only if there is a change in your ID Number)
      ^Mandatory for applicants applying for Associate (Specialist) membership concurrently 

    • Employer Testimonial(s)** covering at least 3 years of financial forensic related duties. This should include a testimonial from the applicant’s current place of employment, which should not be dated more than 1 month prior to application submission date.
      **Presented on the company's letterhead specifying exact commencement and cessation dates, job title and a detailed description of financial forensic related duties.

    • Latest Resume
    • Completed and signed Character Reference Form
    • Copy of deed poll (if applicable)

  • Submit the application and payment online.

    Click here for more information on the fees applicable.
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The approval process will take about 8 to 10 weeks upon receipt of all the required documents. Each application is assessed and endorsed on a case-by-case basis by the ISCA Financial Forensic Accounting Oversight Committee which decision is final and there is no appeal against its decision.

Obligations of ISCA FFP credential holders

Approved ISCA FFP credential holders will be maintained in the Specialisation Register and be subjected to Ethics and Continuing Professional Education (CPE) compliance. Please read Institute (Membership and Fees) Rules and ISCA Code of Conduct and Ethics Pronouncements.

Use of the ISCA FFP credential undefined

ISCA members who are holders of the ISCA FFP credential may use the credential title in their name card as indicated below: