ISCA CEO, Ms Fann Kor, was quoted in The Business Times on the question of Apart from Covid-related developments, what is your biggest hope (or fear) for 2022? This is what she has to share:

Apart from the pandemic, sustainability-related issues, especially the global climate crisis, need to be addressed urgently. Recent developments arising from COP26, such as the formation of the International Sustainability Standards Board, have reaffirmed the pressing need to address climate change and represent significant progress on this front.

In 2022, I hope global stakeholders can build on this momentum and redouble efforts to keep the adverse effects of climate change in check. Particularly, the accountancy profession, as stewards of financial resources and reporting, can take on a more prominent and active role in driving sustainability practices within their organisations. To this end, ISCA’s sustainability reporting strategy will continue to encompass initiatives which aim to raise the capabilities of the accountancy profession in driving sustainability.
- Fann Kor, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)

This article was first published in "Views From the Top" in The Business Times on 10 January 2022.

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