ISCA CEO, Mr Lee Fook Chiew, was quoted in The Business Times' "Views from the Top" section on 22 February 2021. Mr Lee addressed  the question of  "What practical measures or changes can be adopted to meet the targets of the Singapore Green Plan 2030?" This is what he shared:

The Singapore Green Plan 2030 sets out admirable targets that should be supported by corporations and individuals alike. For a collaborative approach, identified stakeholder groups could be engaged to raise awareness on the roles they could play in helping the nation realise these targets. For example, corporations could be informed on how green financing could be applicable to them. Good sustainability reporting practices can improve transparency and increase stakeholders’ engagement and confidence.

Plugging knowledge and skills gaps in the area of sustainability and sustainability reporting with appropriate training would be one of the key contributing factors to the Plan’s success. To assist the ministries in monitoring the progress towards those targets, feedback channels could be made available to facilitate submission of inputs, including relevant data, by corporations and individuals. These channels may also enable the dissemination of pertinent information to interested stakeholders, keeping them engaged throughout the journey.

- Lee Fook Chiew, Chief Executive Officer, Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA)

SG Green Plan 2030 - Views from the Top