Commentary from Deloitte

Deloitte 2021 Budget report
Budget 2021 provides more targeted support towards the sections of business and society that continue to struggle amid the pandemic. This is coupled with a sharp eye towards the future with regard to business innovation and digital transformation, along with strengthening efforts to tackle the climate crisis and invest in renewable energy sources. - Click here to read more

Commentary from EY

EY Budget report 
All in all, this is a Budget that weaves together the past (drawing on our reserves), present (providing immediate reliefs), and future (emerging stronger). There is a very clear mandate to build the Singapore core: to help Singapore businesses transform and leapfrog the competition. It is about helping our workers and businesses innovate, grow and emerge stronger as one people and one Singapore. - Click here to read more

Commentary from KPMG

KPMG Budget report
2020 was a year where Singapore was truly tested and proven and we have successfully re-opened our economy. But, to thrive we will need to be both nimble and adaptable. Budget 2021 provides support towards building a vibrant business community and workforce. KPMG in Singapore’s proposed 3 R framework reflects this journey: Re-imagining how the economy and enterprises will transform for the future, Re-planning our businesses and workforce for a rapidly changing reality and Re-creating Singapore as a leader in sustainability. It’s time to surge forward and emerge stronger in a post-COVID-19 world. - Click here to read more

Commentary from PwC

PwC Budget Commentary 2021
Budget 2021 shifts gears from emergency COVID-19 support to accelerating Singapore firms and workers’ transformation for the new normal. In addition to targeted measures supporting hardest hit industries, a myriad of new and enhanced measures have been announced focusing on supporting businesses to innovate, source capital and harness potential in the region. In addition, there were measures for the Singapore workforce to deepen skills and widen employability, while building a more sustainable and cohesive society. - Click here to read more