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Four Leaders Elected to National Accountancy Body’s Council

- In addition, four ISCA Council Members have been re-elected.
- With the new Council Composition, close to 50% of ISCA Council Members are women, making this a gender-balanced Council.  
- More than half of the Council Members work in corporate or business roles     . 

29 April 2023 – Four leading accountancy professionals have been elected to the Council of the national accountancy body, the Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA). In addition, four Council Members have been re-elected.

With the new Council composition, eight Council Members are women. The number is almost half of the Council, making this a gender-balanced Council. In addition, more than half of the Council work in diverse corporate and business roles across various industries. This ensures a diverse range of perspectives and experiences are represented in the Council’s decision-making process.

The elected and re-elected Council Members will serve as ISCA Council Members until ISCA’s Annual General Meeting in 2025.

The newly-elected Council Members are:

  • Ms. Lo Mun Wai, CA (Singapore), Audit Partner and Head of Real Estate (Audit), KPMG LLP
  • Ms. Cyndi Pei Siang Teng, CA (Singapore), Chief Financial Officer, Regional Data Centre, Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel)
  • Mr. Song Yeow Chung, CA (Singapore), Chief Financial Officer, Old Chang Kee Ltd
  • Ms. Maria Teo Yen Shan, CA (Singapore), Associate Director, Sustainability and Climate Change Lead, CLA Global TS Risk Advisory Pte Ltd

The re-elected Council Members are:

  • Ms. Judy Ng May Lian, FCA (Singapore), Chief Financial Officer, Institutional Banking Group, DBS Bank
  • Mr. Tan Kuang Hui, FCA (Singapore), Chief Executive and Managing Partner, Crowe Singapore
  • Mr. Don Wee Boon Hong, FCA (Singapore), Member of Parliament and Senior Vice-President, UOB
  • Mr. Christopher Wong Mun Yick, FCA (Singapore), Head and Partner, Assurance, Ernst & Young LLP

Ms. Judy Ng May Lian is re-elected as Secretary of the ISCA Council. Besides Ms. Ng, the other office bearers in the ISCA Council are:

  • President: Mr. Teo Ser Luck, FCA (Singapore), Entrepreneur and
    Company Board Chairman,
  • Vice President: Mr. Mohammad Shariq Sayeed Barmaky, FCA (Singapore)
    Audit & Assurance Leader, Deloitte & Touche LLP (Singapore) and 
    Regional Managing Partner, Audit & Assurance, Deloitte Southeast Asia
  • Vice President: Ms. Yiong Yim Ming, FCA (Singapore), Group Chief Financial Officer, City Developments Limited
  • Treasurer: Ms. Jocelyn Goh Chern Ni, FCA (Singapore), Audit & Assurance Partner, BDO LLP 

ISCA President Mr. Teo Ser Luck said, “We are pleased to welcome four new members to the ISCA Council, and grateful that we can continue to tap into the expertise of our re-elected Council Members. The new Council composition includes members with expertise in technology and sustainability, two megatrends impacting the profession. With their broad experience, deep skills and wide networks, our newly-elected and re-elected Council Members will offer invaluable leadership and counsel as ISCA embarks on our next chapter of growth to support our members and advance the profession.”

““The new Council composition is gender-balanced and has a good mix of members from auditing and professional services firms and members from corporate and business backgrounds. This will enhance our decision-making process when we develop strategies to advance the accountancy profession,” he added.

For more information on the biographies of the new and re-elected Council Members, please refer to the Annex.


For more information, please contact:
Lin Daoyi
Manager, Communications
Tel: 9850 8979
Email: daoyi.lin@isca.org.sg

Betsy Tan
Head, Communications
Tel: 9641 6920
Email: betsy.tan@isca.org.sg

Annex – Biographies of Elected and Re-Elected ISCA Council Members

Newly-Elected ISCA Council Members

Ms Lo Mun Wai, CA (Singapore)
Audit Partner and Head of Real Estate (Audit)

Ms Lo has over 25 years of working experience in Singapore and London. She audits listed companies in a wide range of industries, particularly real estate, hospitality and retail, and has been involved in due diligence and internal audit work. In addition, she is also actively involved in IPOs of REITs and business trusts in Singapore, as well as in follow-on offerings and placements. Ms Lo is also the quality review partner for various listed entities and has carried out pre-issuance reviews in the firm and peer reviews within the KPMG network.

Ms Lo was a member of ISCA’s Financial Statements Review Committee from 2015 to 2017.

Ms Cyndi Pei Siang Teng, CA (Singapore)
Chief Financial Officer, Regional Data Centre
Singapore Telecommunications Limited (Singtel)

Ms Pei is a finance leader with more than 20 years of experience.  Currently, as the CFO for the Regional Data Centre in Singtel, Ms Pei helms finance and business partnering in the Regional Data Centre business to grow its data centre footprint across the region and become a leading data centre player in ASEAN.  Prior to this, Ms Pei garnered her experience from an SGX-listed F&B group covering a full spectrum of finance and corporate responsibilities as well as from her formative years with a Big Four accounting firm auditing and advising global companies across diverse industries. Her experience includes strategic planning, performance and change management, merger and acquisition, treasury and investments, real estate, tax planning and transfer pricing, enterprise risk management, sustainability management and reporting, investor relations, business development, and people development.

Ms Pei serves as an Audit & Risk Committee member of SATA CommHealth. She was a member of ISCA’s Investigation and Disciplinary Panel from 2020 to April 2023.

Mr Song Yeow Chung, CA (Singapore)
Chief Financial Officer
Old Chang Kee Ltd

Mr Song has more than 20 years of experience in financial auditing and accounting, which includes working in a Big 4 firm, US-listed multi-national corporation, and Singapore-based Small and Medium Enterprise. As CFO of Old Chang Kee Ltd, Mr Song is responsible for the full spectrum of financial functions, including financial and management accounting, budgeting and forecasting, as well as internal controls and compliance with corporate, legal, tax, and accounting requirements.

Mr Song has been a member of the ISCA Young Finance Leaders Network since 2020.

Ms Maria Teo Yen Shan, CA (Singapore)
Associate Director, Sustainability and Climate Change Lead
CLA Global TS Risk Advisory Pte Ltd

Ms Teo leads the Sustainability and Climate Change team in CLA Global TS Risk Advisory Pte Ltd and specialises in areas such as risk management and data governance. During her career, she has been deployed to various departments, including Assurance and Advisory services, and spent several months on secondment to the UK.

She has also been appointed the Treasurer of Kreta Ayer People’s Theatre Foundation (Management Committee) since 2018, and has been involved in projects involving community outreach and cultural promotion.

Ms Teo is the Chairperson of the Young Professionals Advisory Committee and is a member of the Sustainability and Climate Change Committee. She has also participated in mentoring programmes under ISCA Cares and the Young Professionals Advisory Committee, and advocates for the improvement of professional development programmes such as the Financial Forensic Accounting qualification. 

Re-Elected Council Members

Ms Judy Ng May Lian, FCA (Singapore)
Chief Financial Officer, Institutional Banking Group
DBS Bank

Ms Ng is the CFO for the Institutional Banking Business Group (IBG) at DBS Bank and has more than 30 years of experience in Banking and Financial Services. As part of the core management team, she works closely with the IBG Group Business Head in providing strategic recommendations, leadership, direction and management of the financial goals, objectives and planning. The role requires being at the forefront of managing the implications of changes arising from macro-economic, geopolitical, regulatory, business & human resource changes; and recommending re-pivots to the business. Prior to joining DBS Bank, she worked in a foreign bank and started her career at KPMG. Her experience spans coverage for banking, securities and insurance.

Ms Ng was elected to the ISCA Council in 2021 and is the Chairperson of the Investment Committee as well as the ISCA Research Fund Evaluation Committee.

Mr Tan Kuang Hui, FCA (Singapore)
Chief Executive and Managing Partner
Crowe Singapore

Mr Tan has over 27 years of experience in the audit and financial consulting services, providing audit and financial consulting services to a broad range of clients, including financial institutions, technology, manufacturing, trading, publishing and agricultural companies. As Chief Executive and Managing Partner of Crowe Singapore, Mr Tan leads the company, which comprises 11 partners and approximately 200 professionals. He is particularly well-versed in business in the People’s Republic of China, accounting and tax matters. Mr Tan is a member of the Board of Directors of Crowe Global.

Mr Tan was first elected as ISCA Council member in 2019 and is a member of ISCA’s Audit Committee. He was also a member of ISCA’s Ethics Committee from 2019 to 2022.

Mr Don Wee Boon Hong, FCA (Singapore)
Member of Parliament and 
Senior Vice-President, UOB

Mr Wee has over 22 years of banking experience and is the Senior Vice President of United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB). Prior to UOB, Mr Wee held the position of Senior Vice President of HSBC.

He is a Member of Parliament for Chua Chu Kang GRC. He also serves as Court-appointed Deputy, Office of the Public Guardian, and the Institute of Mental Health Visitors’ Board Member. He is in the Advisory Council on Community Relations in Defence, under the Ministry of Defence as well as Advisor to the Union of Institute of Technical Education (ITE) Training Staff.

Mr Wee was elected as Council member in 2019. He is a member of the Audit Committee and the Advisor of the ISCA Young Professionals Advisory Committee. He also represents ISCA on the Accountancy Workforce Review Committee set up by the Ministry of Finance.

Mr Christopher Wong Mun Yick, FCA (Singapore)
Head and Partner, Assurance 
Ernst & Young LLP

Mr Wong has extensive experience in serving public listed, private and multinational companies from a range of industry sectors, some of these in a senior capacity as the Global Client service partner.  He previously held the role of the firm’s Staff partner.

Mr Wong is a member of the Industry Advisory Committee for Accountancy at the Singapore Institute of Technology and serves on the Accounting Advisory Board of the National University of Singapore Business School. He is the Board Director of Tripartite Alliance Limited and the Chairman of its Audit and Risk Committee. He is also on the Board and Audit Committee Member of the Trailblazer Foundation and is a Trustee of the St Joseph’s Institution Philanthropic Fund.

Mr Wong is the Chairman of ISCA’s Audit Committee and has served on ISCA’s Nominations Committee and Membership Committee since his election to Council in 2019.