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April 2022 IASB podcast available

In the April 2022 IASB podcast, IASB Chair Andreas Barckow and Executive Technical Director Nili Shah, share the highlights from the April 2022 IASB meeting.

Topics discussed include:

  • decisions made on the Third Agenda Consultation and the next steps;
  • an analysis of the stakeholder feedback received on Management Commentary, the Post-implementation Review of IFRS 9—Classification and Measurement and the Disclosure Initiative—Subsidiaries without Public Accountability project;
  • the ongoing deliberation on the Primary Financial Statements project;
  • a consideration of the technical staff’s research on Goodwill and Impairment;
  • the continuing discussion on the Equity Method research project; and
  • amendments to be proposed to the IFRS for SMEs Accounting Standard.

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