ISCA One Young #CharteredStar Competition 2019


Could you be our One Young #CharteredStar?

We’re looking for the best and brightest young chartered accountant to represent ISCA and Chartered Accountants Worldwide (CAW) at the One Young World Summit. Eligible candidates must be current CA (Singapore) or Associate (ISCA).

Taking place at London, United Kingdom from 22-25 October 2019, the summit brings together the finest young talent from across the globe to debate the key issues the world faces, sharing their ideas and experiences and working with peers to formulate and share innovative solutions.

The successful candidate will receive a fully funded place at the One Young World Summit, including travel, accommodation and living expenses, and the opportunity to meet influential figures from across the world as a representative of ISCA and part of the group representing CAW.

ISCA One Young #CharteredStar Competition 2019

One winner will be chosen to represent ISCA and CAW at the One Young World Summit. 

Interested to find out how to represent ISCA to attend the prestigious One Young World Summit? Join us for an evening of sharing from past One Young World winners and take the opportunity to tell us why you should represent ISCA at this year’s One Young World Summit!

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What the competition winner stands to walk away with!

What finalists stand to walk away with!

Winner’s obligations


Selection Process

Selection for the ISCA One Young World #CharteredStar winner consists of two stages:

Stage 1 – Online Application + Sharing Session

1. Submit your CV

2. Attend our sharing session on the 22nd May to introduce yourself; and

3. Upload an IG post to share highlights of that evening 


Stage 2 – Written Assignment

Write an article (not exceeding 400 words) outlining one of the theme below.

  • Education: Does the future of learning need to be reimagined?
  • Planetary Health: How is climate change endangering our health?
  • Media Freedom: How can we protect the truth?
  • Poverty Alleviation: Can innovation solve economic inequality?
  • Peaceful Future: In a polarised world, how can we build peace?

All submitted entries will be screened internally by a judging panel. 

About One Young World

The annual One Young World Summit convenes the brightest young talent from every country and sector, working to accelerate social impact. Delegates from 190+ countries are counselled by influential political, business and humanitarian leaders such as Justin Trudeau, Paul Polman and Meghan Markle, amongst many other global figures.

Delegates participate in four transformative days of speeches, panels, networking and workshops. All delegates have the opportunity to apply to give keynote speeches, sharing a platform with world leaders with the world’s media in attendance. As well as listening to keynote speakers, delegates have the opportunity to challenge world leaders, interact and be mentored by influencers. Delegates make lasting connections throughout the Summit, celebrating their participation at social events and the unforgettable Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

The One Young World Summit 2019 sees the global forum for young leaders return ‘home’ for the first time since the inaugural Summit in 2010. With over 300 languages to be heard on its streets, London is one of the most diverse places in the world. The city is home to nearly 9 million people, one of the world’s biggest financial centres and countless historic sites such as Buckingham Palace and Big Ben. A city where the past and future merge, London provides the ideal backdrop for young leaders from more than 190 countries to work together to accelerate positive change.

Highlights of One Young World Summit 2018


Jaime Ting, ISCA's representative at the 2018 One Young World Summit in The Hague.

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World Summit 2018 here.

Muhammad Ashiq Chu, ISCA's representative at the 2017 One Young World Summit in Bogotá.

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Wesley Lye, ISCA's representative at the 2016 One Young World Summit in Ottawa.

Find out more about his experience at the One Young World Summit 2016 here.

Indora Tanudin, ISCA's representative at the 2015 One Young World Summit in Bangkok.

Find out more about her experience at the One Young 
World Summit 2015 here.

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