ISCA Ethics Case Files

About ISCA Ethics Case Files

Professional accountants face ethical dilemmas during the course of their work. Some have made the right ethical decision. Others have not and ultimately paid a heavy price – by running afoul of the law. They were also subject to disciplinary sanctions from the Institute such as having their memberships cancelled or suspended. 

ISCA Ethics Case Files is a compendium of scenarios adapted from real-life cases involving ISCA Members who faced tough choices, but unfortunately made the less ethical one and suffered dire consequences.

Through the ISCA Ethics Case Files, ISCA Members can draw from the experiences of others and avoid making the same grave mistakes.

Case Files Title
Case File 1 When the Boss’ Way is not the Right Way
Case File 2 Penny Wise, Pound Foolish
Case File 3 Too Heavy a Bet
Case File 4 Insiders Do Not Trade