ISCA Connects

“ISCA Connects” is a newly launched networking series in 2023, to enhance connection amongst professional peers, business leaders and other stakeholders.

Upcoming ISCA Connect Sessions

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29 May 2024

GEMS47: Young Members Connect - Navigating the Wave of ESG

ESG is not just about sustainability – it is about driving positive change in every aspect of business. From reducing carbon footprints to promoting diversity and ethical governance, ESG principles are reshaping corporate practices worldwide.  
For young professionals, this represents not only a chance to align their careers with their values but also an opportunity to carve out impactful roles in the emerging field of sustainable business. 
Join us for an enlightening panel discussion hosted by ISCA’s Young Professionals Advisory Committee, designed for young professionals seeking to explore and excel in this dynamic domain. Our expert panelists will delve into key topics shaping the landscape of ESG within the realm of accounting and finance, as well as career opportunities to pivot into ESG roles.  
Don't miss this chance to learn how ESG is shaping the business world and what it means for your career. Register now to secure your spot and take the first step towards a purpose-driven career in sustainability and finance!  

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Past ISCA Connect Sessions

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23 March 2023


GEMS22 : Females Connect

This March, ISCA Connects Series is dedicated to female professionals, in conjunction with International Women’s Day, to celebrate women’s achievements.

Join us and celebrate International Women’s Day with fellow female members over canapes and drinks at our refreshed ISCA House and members’ lounge.

We will be inviting prominent female leaders to share their success journey, challenges, and opportunities, how these leaders juggle multiple roles at work and in their personal lives to advance their career. Be inspired by these remarkable ladies and forge connections with peer professionals!

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20 April 2023


GEMS23 : Young Members Connect

Join us at the ISCA house to connect with fellow young members over wine and games after work to unwind and have fun.

Our Young Professionals Advisory Committee (YPAC) members will also be there to share with you the upcoming exciting activities and opportunities ISCA has in the plan for our members.
Don’t miss out on this chance to forge new friendships and connections!

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14 June 2023


SMP004 : Practitioners Connect

Join us at the ISCA house to connect with fellow young members over wine and games after work to unwind and have fun.

Have not been to any of our ISCA Connects yet? The next ISCA Connects for Practitioners is happening on 14 June! It’s Hump Day – Let’s have a few drinks and chill out with fellow practitioners to get through the rest of the week!

The ISCA Connects for Practitioners is a dedicated engagement and networking series, bringing practitioners together as one community to connect, share practice-related issues, exchange best practices and co-create ideas to address challenges.

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26 June 2023


GEMS24 : What Finance Leaders in the Public Sector Should Look for in a Modern Finance & Accounting Environment

In striving to be strategic leaders within the organisation, the role of F&A is growing to include more responsibilities, such as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), headcount and internal controls, and environment and social initiatives among others. Hence, there's a need for finance professionals to better understand the changing business landscapes and how digital transformation across F&A functions can change businesses for the better.

In collaboration with Blackline, our speaker will share research findings that had uncovered three influential trends driving change across Singaporeans businesses. These trends include enhancing data analytics capabilities, prioritising business resilience and agility and the convergence of people and technology.

Don't miss out on this chance to forge new connections amongst the public sector finance community!

Seats are limited and registration is on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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28 July 2023


GEMS27 : Finance Leaders Connect

Join us at the ISCA house at our first-ever Connects for finance leaders! 

“ISCA Connects” is a newly launched networking series in 2023, to enhance connection amongst professional peers, business leaders and other stakeholders. For July, ISCA Connects Series is dedicated to finance leaders.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to meet and forge new connections with fellow finance leaders over canapes and wine.

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24 August 2023


GEMS33 : Young Members Connect - ISCA x Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF)

What happens when finance professionals meet with young professionals and business owners from the multi-faceted manufacturing industry? This sparks limitless conversations surrounding the core of manufacturing businesses.

Our first-ever cross-sector networking event between ISCA and Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF) aims to bring together members to expand their networks outside their respective sectors and exchange meaningful sectorial insights.

Take this opportunity to make new connections beyond your sector! Food and drinks are on us!

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19 October 2023


GEMS39 : Empowering Sustainability: The Public Sector's Role

This sharing session will explore how public sector Finance teams can be involved and take charge of Singapore’s sustainability efforts.

In collaboration with KPMG, the speaker will share climate reporting highlights, including the importance of climate-related disclosures as well as common climate-related terms and concepts, relevant reporting frameworks and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. The speaker will also share ways finance teams can contribute to advancing sustainability efforts to bridge the gap between data and tangible actions. Importance of climate-related disclosures.

Don’t miss out on this chance to forge new connections amongst the public sector community!

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2 November 2023


SMP005 : Practitioners Connect

Our regular Practitioners Connect is happening on 2 November 2023!

For this last session in 2023, we have specially curated an illuminating session that will empower you to better understand the transformative potential of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and how it can be harnessed in audit and advisory. As AI continues to reshape all sectors, it is imperative that the accounting profession embraces AI to drive innovation, efficiency, and excellence in the delivery of value to clients and stakeholders.

Trying to make more sense of AI and how it works? Come join us for a evening of networking and dining and attempt to open this blackbox together!

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7 March 2024


ISCA Connects : Advisory Night


Attention all Advisory and Consulting Professionals! Are you ready to unlock new opportunities and expand your network through ISCA? Know of advisory and consulting professionals in your firms, or are you one? Join us for this exclusive event hosted by ISCA for Advisory and Consulting folks! 

At this session, hear Meital Baruch, an Organisational Consultant, share on the topic ‘Cultural Diversity Going Global with Cultural Intelligence’. In her talk, Meital will discuss the key challenges of working in a global environment and the essential skills set required to work effectively with people from diverse cultures.
  • Network like never before: Rub shoulders with fellow professionals from across firms, forging connections that could shape your career trajectory. It's time to expand circles and open doors to new opportunities!
  • Unlock fresh insights: Tap into the wisdom of expert coaches where they'll share expertise, success stories, and tips designed to address challenges faced by professionals in advisory and consulting roles and help you stay ahead of the game!
  • Explore professional growth: Immerse yourself in the accountancy community where there are various professional pathways to explore to boost your professional stature and be supported in your professional journey.

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