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The monthly Breakfast Talk Series continues to provide informative and concise sessions for busy professionals to upgrade themselves and keep in touch with industry trends and standards.

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14th August 2024


BT2408: Enhancing Whistleblowing Practices - Navigating Challenges and Embracing Change In-Person

Whistleblowing is vital for maintaining accountability and transparency in institutions – it empowers individuals to expose wrongdoing, corruption, or unethical practices and helps organization’s mitigate financial, legal and reputational risks. 

Deloitte launched the 2024 Conduct Watch Survey on 18 March 2024 to delve into organisational attitudes and capabilities regarding whistleblowing in the Asia Pacific region, with a significant number of responses from Singapore-based companies. In this session, Yang Ping will present the survey's key findings, offering valuable insights to enhance the effectiveness of whistleblowing practices. As whistleblowing continues to gain prominence across various industries, we invite you to join us in fostering meaningful conversations to improve and fortify these crucial mechanisms.

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18th September 2024


BT2409 : The ESG Must-Knows for Finance and Risk Professionals - Reporting, Risks, and the Road Ahead Challenge In-Person

This session offers an overview of new sustainability reporting rules applicable in Singapore from 1 January 2025. The session will focus on IFRS S1 and S2 standards covering core elements of the disclosures including governance, strategy, risk management and metrics. The session will highlight key issues in sustainability reporting, such as the integration of non-financial and financial reporting, the reliability of ESG data, and how internal audit can offer insights in the company’s risk management to guide executive management on ESG processes, including controls for/ over sustainability data.

This event aims to prepare professionals not only to comply with new regulations but also to leverage ESG principles for strategic advantage. We will also share practical strategies to support your management team.

  • Gain insights into the latest developments in ESG reporting requirements in Singapore, overview of IFRS S1 and S2 and understanding the phased approach for Scope 1, 2, and eventually Scope 3 emissions reporting
  • Understand the broader ESG landscape today, including key challenges in reporting such as data accuracy, standardisation, and the impact of these factors
  • Explore internal strategies to support ESG reporting, focusing on the role of internal auditors from the aspect of risk management, controls, and governance processes and policies

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10th October 2024


BT2410 : IFRS 18 Presentation and Disclosure in Financial Statements - What is New and How Will it Improve the Quality of Financial

The IASB issued IFRS 18 on 9 April 2024, with an effective date of 1 January 2027. Early application is permitted. IFRS 18 replaces IAS 1 Presentation of Financial Statements.

“IFRS 18 gives investors better information about a company’s financial performance, helping investors make more informed decisions. It is the first significant change to companies’ presentation of financial performance in over 20 years”, says IASB Chair Andreas Barchow. He shared that the new standard introduces three key sets of requirements to give investors a better basis for analysing and comparing companies.

Do join me at our ISCA Breakfast Talk where we will explore the key changes, its implications and how your company’s financial statements will be impacted.

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Past Breakfast Talks 2024

BT2405 : Manufacturer, Distributor or Service Provider - A Practical Perspective for Arm's Length Price Considerations for All (In-Person Event)

In a third-party scenario, most entities that are part of a multinational enterprise group would operate as manufacturers or distributors or service providers or a combination. These entities would generally be characterized as cost-plus entities or limited risk entities or risk-taking entrepreneurs etc. 

Due to their diverse functional characterizations, there are several key Transfer Pricing implications and challenges associated with each of these entities.

In our upcoming Breakfast Talk, we will discuss and understand the different Transfer Pricing complexities and issues involved for each of these entities and what are the arm’s length price considerations and approaches, from a practical standpoint.

Past Breakfast Talks 2023

BT2311 : Unlocking Efficiency - Mastering External Confirmations Beyond Banks with AR/AP Innovation (In-Person Event)

External confirmations are a necessity in audits, governed by the ISA 505. Auditors have been able to lean on technology to make their external confirmation process more efficient.

For years, auditors have gotten quality and fast confirmations from banks through the Confirmation platform. Now, progressive firms in Singapore are further leveraging on it by getting their Accounts Payable and Receivable confirmations through the platform so they can focus on exercising professional skepticism in their audit.

Join us to uncover the success stories of these forward-thinking audit firms as they share their experiences of transitioning their external confirmation processes to the Confirmation platform. Discover how you can harness this transformative trend for your own audit firm and leverage the newly available Productivity Support Grant to facilitate this transition effectively. Revolutionize your audit workflow and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of audit technology. 

BT2310 & BT2310v : Sales and Leaseback Transactions, Leases and Financing Arrangements (Hybrid)

SFRS(l) 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers scopes out lease contracts within the scope of SFRS(l) 16 Leases. IFRS 16 however pulls in IFRS 15 for assets transferred in repurchase agreements, to determine whether the asset transferred is a sale. Both IFRS 16 and IFRS 15 are intertwined in determining the accounting for repurchase agreements; and sale and leaseback transactions.

This breakfast talk spotlights on SFRS(I) Leases with an in-depth look into Sale and Leaseback Transactions.

Identifying whether an agreement is, or contains a lease requires judgment and can be challenging because the line between a lease contract and a service contract can be blurred. 

This workshop will also provide participants with a Roadmap into determining whether a contract contains a lease.

BT2309 : The Nuts and Bolts of Building Your Firm's Ideal Tech Stack for Sustainable Growth (In - Person Event)
If you're running an accounting firm or company, you probably don't run your business the same way large firms do. Your tech stack is probably more focused on streamlining workflows, improving project tracking, and finding solutions for customer collaboration. While this is great for building a flexible and responsive acounting firm or business, it also means that you firms is less likely to use data analytics and predictive tools to grow your business - which means you're missing out.

In this 1 - hour breakfast talk, learn how businesses can incorporate the right strategies and tech-enabled services to set its clients / firms up for success and big-time growth. 

BT2308 & BT2308v: What Tax and Finance Professionals Need to Know about ESG (Hybrid)
We will look at various Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors, its significance in the current landscape, and the role finance and tax teams play in the company’s sustainability efforts. The session will give insight into frameworks and metrics used for sustainability reporting and ways to tap on IRAS initiatives to improve tax governance.

BT2307: Trends Finance Leaders Should Look Out For In A Modern Finance & Accounting Environment  (In-Person Event)
While F&A may once have been seen as a cost centre for businesses, over time, the broader organisational understanding has evolved to recognise that it is much more. In fact, F&A teams are the real driving force behind every business where key decisions are made based on financial data that leads to business successes.

In striving to be strategic leaders within the organisation, the role of F&A teams is growing to include more responsibilities, such as governance, risk, and compliance (GRC), headcount and internal controls, and environment and social initiatives (ESG) among others. Hence, there’s a need for finance professionals to better understand the changing business landscape and how digital transformation across F&A functions can change businesses for the better.

BlackLine had collaborated with a data analyst firm Telsyte, to survey 370 finance decision-makers across APAC, including 110 from Singapore and will share our research findings that had uncovered three influential trends driving change across Singaporean businesses. Which includes enhancing data analytics capabilities, prioritising business resilience and agility and the convergence of people and technology.

Join us for a 1-hour breakfast talk series, to find out more about these trends and what finance leaders should look for in a modern finance and accounting environment so as to elevate their teams’ value and performance.

BT2306: Business Travel is Back - Support Sustainable Travel with the Right Tools (In-Person Event)
Given the inflammatory environment and uncertain economic outlook, finance leaders need to equip their employees with the right tools to support sustainable travel while being prudent and compliant to the organisation's travel and expense policy. 

Find out from our speaker, how your organisation can develop a scalable travel and expense management programme within budget without compromising on the employee's travel experience in this breakfast talk series. 

Additionally, you will learn how your organisations can track your sustainability footprint from travel and encourage your employee to make sustainable choices. 

BT2305 & BT2305v: Transforming Business Operations and Job Roles: Practical Applications of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) using Chat GPT (Hybrid)
Join us for a practical webinar introducing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) using Chat GPT, and their benefits. In this webinar, we'll showcase real - world use cases of RPA and AI using Chat GPT in finance, audit, accounting, tax, and corporate secretarial processes. By implementing RPA and AI in these areas, businesses can achieve tangible benefits such as increased efficiency, reduced errors, and improved compliance with regulations. 

We'll discuss how RPA and AI can transform business operations by automating repetitve and manual tasks, freeing up employees to focus on higher - level tasks such as business development, process optimization, data analysis, sustainability, and strategic decision - making. We'll even share some examples of job roles that have changed by implementing such technology.

Furthermore, invited speakers from EON Consulting and SNEF will share about the different funding options available for redesigning your job roles, so that you can explore how your organization can tap into available grants and schemes. WSG will provide information on the Career Conversion Programme.

By attending this webinar, you will gain insights into the practical applications of RPA and AI using Chat GPT and how they can help transform your organization's operations. Whether you're a business leader, finance professional, auditor, accountant or student, you'll find value in our practical approach to showcasing RPA and AI. 

BT2304 : Navigating the Complexities of Digital and Technology Budgets (In-Person Event)
A budget serves as a vital tool for companies to control and manage expenditures while strategically allocating the financial resources throughout their digital transformation journey. In this breakfast talk, attendees will be equipped with the knowledge and tools required to successfully navigate the intricate process of budgeting for digital transformation. 

The session will delve into the distinct challenges and best practices associated with formulating digital and technology budgets, with a strong focus on strategic decision - making, fostering cross - departmental collaboration, and implementing effective management strategies - thereby equipping accounting and finance professionals with the knowledge to steer their organizations towards a successful digital future.

BT2303 : How to Leverage on Digital Solutions for Business Planning & Success (In-Person Event)
Over the past few challenging years, we have seen how digital transformation helps businesses to not only survive, but thrive through uncertain times.

Accountants and bookkeepers are the pillars of the small business community who play a critical role in helping business owners run their businesses more efficiently and profitably and providing them with the strategic guidance & advice they need to thrive.

At this informative and interactive breakfast event, the speaker will share more about business cloud application trends, and how digitisation can help businesses stay ahead in times of uncertainties. 

BT2301 : Thriving in Uncertainty - Future-Proofing the Finance Function (In-Person Event)
Between the pandemic and an uncertain economic climate, finance professionals face an increasingly complex set of expectations. Manual processes and legacy systems prohibit finance teams from becoming more flexible, when agility is paramount. And it keeps finance leaders from realising their full potential as a strategic advisor to the business. Kickstart the new year with Workday at the ISCA Breakfast Talk to get inspired on how to embrace technology for agility, resiliency and growth.

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BT2212 : What Lies Ahead for Finance & Accounting Functions and Professionals
Finance & Accounting (F&A) functions are evolving, and there are increasing expectations on F&A professionals to provide insights that will support businesses in a volatile environment. This webinar will focus on highlighting the megatrends that are reshaping the in-house F&A function, impact on jobs, and emerging roles that F&A professionals can consider. The webinar will also share details of an online self-assessment tool that corporates and individuals can use to measure their sophistication levels at a company, functional, and individual level, and also generation of a report card to guide F&A transformation and upskilling for individuals.

BT2211 : The Impact of Climate Change on Businesses and Accountants

The science and effects of climate change are conclusive – without action on the part of businesses, we will see global temperatures rise, resulting in negative impacts to our daily life. At the same time, regulations and reporting requirements on our carbon footprint are on the rise, which in turn increases our compliance efforts. What are some of the steps we can take to prepare for a more climate-centric future, while also safeguarding our business operations?

BT2210 : Accounting for Growth - How Accountants can Help Company to Achieve Growth Targets

The way for adding (financial) value evolves throughout the company’s life. While a startup’s main focus should be on ‘building trust’, mature companies can optimize value by ensuring that a dollar invested returns more than its costs. But, how about those companies ‘in between’; How can Growth companies expand their value, without suffocating along the way? The key to answer this question lies in understanding that Growth is in fact not an independent factor (“set a growth target, and go go go”), but rather a direct outcome of the company’s Reinvestment Rate multiplied by its Return on Investment.

In this 1-hour talk, the speaker will explain the relation between Growth and these two accounting figures, as well as how an accountant is able to support the board in achieving its growth targets.

BT2209 : Sustainability Impact on Accountants

Sustainability continues to be a key focus of many companies, and it is imperative to understand how accountants can be a part of it. With International Sustainability Standards Board issuing the first exposure drafts in March, what can we expect and how can we prepare for it? Keep up to date about sustainability reporting and find out more about the practical challenges in sustainability reporting.

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BT2208 : Surviving the Technology Struggle - Can You Do It?

The digitisation of our world is speeding up. More poignantly, it cannot be reversed. We are in an era of exponential growth, and the traditional ways of operating have been disrupted. For all economic industries, it is no longer sustainable to not adopt technology in some form. Due to the shifting power technology has gained in both our personal lives and within the workplace, it is now or never for organisations to embrace technology. 

Join us for a though-provoking discussion on the importance of technology and how organisations can successfully navigate a digital transformation to stay in the game.

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BT2207 : Practical Tax Considerations to Make International Working a Reality

As the future of work continues to evolve and businesses expand their global footprint, companies are finding new ways to hire and retain top talent. A significant trend which has emerged is working across borders – either by hiring talent from abroad or allowing employees to work flexibly from overseas.
In this session, we will look at international work arrangements and the potential tax implications and obligations from corporate, employer and employee tax perspectives.

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BT2206 : Delivering Successful Finance Transformation with Data as an Asset

In today’s world, businesses rely heavily on data insights to make business decisions. As such Finance & Accounting and IT teams have been tasked to create complex reporting requirements to deliver measurable data insights.
Without automating manual and repetitive work, organisations are faced with back-office processes that are time-consuming, costly and might impact talent retention.
Through this session, we will share some of the challenges F&A teams faced and the best practices for successful transformation by treating your data as an enterprise asset.


BT2205 : ISCA Breakfast Talk – Building a Future-Ready Accountancy Workforce through Jobs Transformation

This webinar will focus on the insights generated by the Job Transformation Maps (JTMs) for the In-house Finance & Accounting Functions and Accounting Practices, including identifying the impact of technology and other key trends on the industry and workforce; the impact on individual job roles; and the pathways for employers to transform jobs and for workers to acquire requisite skills as existing job roles evolve and new job roles emerge.

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BT2204 : ISCA Breakfast Talk – Be Future Ready by Investing in Your Employees' Skills Development

Join us for a Breakfast Talk with SkillsFuture Singapore to learn more about programmes you could leverage on to develop future-ready capabilities to support your skills and business transformation needs.

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BT2203 : ISCA Breakfast Talk – Preparing for the New Reporting Standards: Essentials for Integrated Thinking

This talk aims to provide knowledge and share the relevance of sustainability reporting in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, increasing traction on climate change and sustainable finance and the increasing number of countries adopting mandatory policies for sustainability reporting disclosures. This talk seeks to provide clarity to accountants regarding their potential role and skillsets in auditing and/or the drafting of sustainability reports for their clients or companies using the International Sustainability Standards Board’s (ISSB) IFRS Sustainability Disclosure Standards. We will also explore the different formats and structure of sustainability reporting, standalone or integrated reporting with the annual report. Join us in this talk as our speaker share his insights.

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BT2202 : ISCA Breakfast Talk - Environmental and social risks and impacts on infrastructure projects

Environmental and social sustainability is a fundamental aspect of infrastructure development. It is important to finance the right projects in a right manner. In this session, Chee Wee, Senior Environmental and Social Specialist from AIIB will share (i) key components of an Environmental and Social Management System (ESMS) and (ii) common environmental and social risks and impacts in selected infrastructure projects.

Join us in this talk as our speakers share their insights into these questions.

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BT2201 : ISCA Breakfast Talk - State of Play of Intelligent Automation in the Finance Function

Digital transformation and intelligent automation (IA) have been in the limelight in recent years. Many companies have in fact had to consider adopting digital solutions extremely quickly during the pandemic to cope with disruptions to business operations and lockdowns. Just as the other facets of business, the Finance function has been impacted by adoption of these technologies. But what has changed? What needs to evolve? Is a finance function augmented by IA a cornerstone of a trusted and sustainable business? How can an organisation leverage IA to gain a competitive advantage?

Join us in this talk as our speakers share their insights into these questions.

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Past Breakfast Talks 2021

BT2112 : ISCA Breakfast Talk – Managing Data Breaches and Reputational Risk in a Pandemic

Cyber-crime is rising rapidly during the COVID-19 pandemic as threat actors seek to exploit the disruption caused by the pandemic. As businesses operate based on remote work practices, these changes come with heighted cybersecurity risks. Businesses are recognizing the risks that come with such exposure and are taking steps to enhance their cybersecurity and incident response capabilities.

In this webinar, EY will take a look at maintaining trust through the pandemic, high-impact breaches, readiness, cyber incident reporting, and more.

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BT2111: ISCA Breakfast Talk – Investigations: The Next Generation

COVID-19 has shattered preconceptions about what a resilient company or economy looks like. Within the risk and compliance industry, this has manifested itself as a concern among professionals that there will be an influx of financial impropriety and fiscal malfeasance cases – a global crisis is the perfect breeding ground for opportunistic fraudsters and internal misconduct leading to an increase in investigations. In recent years, there are also clear signs that courts and regulators are becoming more accepting of technologies such as data analytics and artificial intelligence as professional tools to support and enhance investigations.
During this session, Brett Clapp, Senior Managing Director and Ben Ee, Managing Director from FTI Consulting will share steps that companies should prioritise to emerge stronger from this extraordinary crisis.

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BT2110: ISCA Breakfast Talk – Transforming your finance function by leveraging process change and new technologies

As the finance function transitions to its role as a strategic business partner, there is increasing demand for the finance system to be more integrated, agile, and transparent with streamlined and efficient processes. With continued disruption to work environments, it is critical to establish a flexible financial close and robust planning process. How can finance teams of any size and complexity embark on a finance transformation journey and make it a success? Besides technology changes, what other changes in the organization, processes and people need to be considered? What are the key learning points from transformation projects and how can finance teams avoid common pitfalls? 
In this webinar, EY will explore how process changes and finance technology can be used to optimize the financial close and planning processes to unlock innovation and transformation within the organization. This is highly relevant as emerging digital technologies disrupt organizations and finance functions are compelled to innovate with speed and scale.

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BT2109: ISCA Breakfast Talk – Fighting Climate Change and Supporting Green Finance (Live Webinar)

For centuries, accountants provide trust and accountability that stakeholders and the market need - in financial performance, risk management and now in sustainability. What traits make accountants suitable to support a spectrum of key sustainability areas such as carbon measurement, TCFD disclosures (including climate scenario analysis), sustainability reporting, impact assessments, green finance? What are some key first steps an accountant can take to start on the sustainability journey? The global green and sustainable financing market continues to grow strongly, as investors increasingly incorporate ESG criteria into their capital allocation decisions, banks adopt responsible financing practices and businesses step up their sustainability efforts. As sustainable finance continues to gather momentum, increased transparency will be demanded, amidst concerns over greenwashing and the lack of a common framework in labelling "green" activities and in measuring the impact of green/sustainable finance. Join us in this talk as our speakers examine how accountants can contribute to the fight against climate change and how increased transparency needs to be built into sustainable finance to move it forward.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – Hopes and Fears of the Singaporean Workforce (Live Webinar)

Our latest PwC Hopes and Fears Survey revealed divergent views about the future of jobs with some concerning undercurrents. 50% of Singaporean workers think it is likely that their job will be obsolete within five years, and 65% are worried that automation is putting many jobs at risk. 81% of workers also indicated that they are ready to upskill and confidence to adapt to new technologies is high. We are seeing inclusion, open collaboration and transparency as essential for high productivity, innovation and growth. Join Martijn Schouten, PwC's Workforce Transformation Leader, as he shares on acclimatising to new ways of working and finding opportunities to emerge stronger as a workforce.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – Thriving in the Age of Change (Live Webinar)

Finance automation solutions are enabling corporations to embrace this change: to increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and decrease risk. Accountants are unleashed to be more proactive, focus on complex and judgmental areas, and drive strategic business decisions. Our speakers will share on how to employ best practices, resulting in a better utilized, more efficient organization that focuses on risk management, compliance, and data analytics.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – Responding to Covid-19 : Risks and Opportunities in Real Estate (Live Webinar)

The real estate industry had to rethink how it would continue in a world where remote working was the new normal, where tenant-focused services are underutilised and stakeholders had to be engaged differently. Join us in this talk as our speakers examine the risks specific to the real estate sector, how these risks were mitigated and possible opportunities that underline the current situations.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – Facilitating Asia Economies’ Shift to a More Sustainable Future with Green Financing (Live Webinar)

In this session, Mr Lawrence Wu, President & Executive Director, Sunseap Group will be sharing some of Sunseap Group’s efforts in driving green financing to support Singapore and the region’s transition to a more sustainable future, as well as how accounting and finance trained professionals can play a role.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – On the Legislative Trail of the Missing Trader (Fraud) (Live Webinar)

This session, by ISCA and the Singapore Chartered Tax Professionals, seeks to help you and your clients understand the wide implications of the new legislative rules, and the due diligence and record-keeping requirements which are required to protect your business from potential denial of input tax claims, surcharges and penalties if the business “should have known” that its transactions have a connection with a MTF arrangement.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – Case Studies on Cybersecurity: The Human Factor (Live Webinar)

With more processes and companies embarking on their digitalisation journeys, risk management strategies and polices that focus on cybersecurity must evolve in tandem. Join us in this talk as our speakers examine two case studies of lapses in cybersecurity. They will share how these lapses were detected, the damages suffered, what the responses were and how the relevant organisations recovered from these setbacks.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk - Finance Disrupted: Industry Preparedness Index and Looking Ahead (Live Webinar)

“How well prepared are you and your company in managing significant business disruptions?” Mr Tan Lee Thong gave participants of the "ISCA Breakfast Talk - Finance Disrupted: Industry Preparedness Index and Looking Ahead (Live Webinar)” much food for thought with his insightful sharing on the changing world of finance and results from Workday’s study on the Industry Preparedness Index. 

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Past Breakfast Talks 2020

ISCA Breakfast Talk- Managing Risk in a Digital World (Live Webinar)

The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the likelihood and impact of digital threats - cyber security, data security and the risk in an organisation's transformation agenda are not things that are 'good to' consider anymore, but a 'must' consider. Join us in this session with Vandit Bhatia from PwC Singapore to learn more about how organisations can secure their digital risks,  and leverage cybersecurity and data security for growth in a post-COVID landscape.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk- Fighting Fraud in Post COVID-19 World - Is Technology the Solution? (Live Webinar)

Diversity is not just a metric to be strived for. In fact, it is an integral part of a successful corporation and is ever more pertinent amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as companies are challenged to innovate in this uncertain business environment. Join us in this talk as our speakers share the business case for promoting diversity and practical tips on how to promote diversity in the workplace and on Boards.

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ISCA-SMU Breakfast Talk- Governance Matters: Delivering Business Innovation and Growth through Diversity (Live Webinar)

Diversity is not just a metric to be strived for. In fact, it is an integral part of a successful corporation and is ever more pertinent amid the Covid-19 pandemic, as companies are challenged to innovate in this uncertain business environment. Join us in this talk as our speakers share the business case for promoting diversity and practical tips on how to promote diversity in the workplace and on Boards.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – Setting the Next Generation of Sustainability Goals (Live Webinar)

Over the course of the past years, external sustainability reporting has gone from a compliance requirement to a business norm. The process of sustainability reporting disclosures has not only provided greater transparency on corporate behavior, but has integrated sustainability as part of business strategy. The session aims to provide best practices for companies in Singapore to define the material issues, define their goals and set meaningful targets.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – Prepare, Respond and Emerge Stronger from the Evolving Fraud Risk Landscape (Live Webinar)

Fraud and economic crime rates remain at record high, impacting companies in more ways than ever. Covid-19 has also triggered fast changes in the way organisations are doing business, organising their workforce and managing their supply chains. The current crisis has the potential to further exacerbate fraud incidents as businesses try their best to manage the disruption and stay afloat.

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ISCA-SMU Breakfast Talk – Governance Matters: Managing Governance and Sustainable Value Creation in Uncertain Times (Live Webinar)

Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, there is heightened awareness of the need to anticipate and manage risks in an ever more dynamic and uncertain environment. Boards of Directors, Audit and Risk Management Committees, C-suite executives and employees need to keep abreast of the global trends in governance and its implications on businesses, in order to better understand the risks and opportunities to creating sustainable businesses.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk – Lease Accounting Implementation and Post-Compliance Insights (Live Webinar)

When IFRS16 (Leases) came into effect on 1 January 2019, a significant hurdle has been overcome in getting to IFRS 16 transition and compliance. Now it’s time to address “day 2” challenges by optimising lease management and reporting processes, and leveraging emerging technologies and the treasure trove of data now available to inform decision making, reduce costs and better manage risks from leasing.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk  How to Manage Tax Dispute and Stay atop on the Benefits of a Good Tax Corporate Governance Framework (Live Webinar)

Businesses today must understand how controversy trends will affect them and think ahead by putting in place a sound system of risk management to prevent, manage and resolve tax dispute. At our first Breakfast Talk Live Webinar, our speakers shared the approaches to manage tax dispute and how to implement a robust tax corporate governance framework within your organisation.

ISCA Breakfast Talk - An Illustrative Explanation of Changes in Ownership Interests

In this session, our speaker explained why FRS 110 Consolidated Financial Statements and FRS 103 Business Combinations require special accounting treatment for changes in ownership interests with or without change in control and presented a snapshot of the application of the principles to four scenarios.

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Past Breakfast Talks 2019

ISCA Breakfast Talk –Sustainability Reporting

In this session, Mr Mohit Grover from Deloitte explained the importance of sustainability reporting and ESG disclosures is increasing across the globe. Investors, NGOs and other key stakeholders are requesting greater transparency and disclosure on both current and future impacts.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk –Leveraging Fintech Partnerships to Fuel SME Growth

In this session, Mr Anand Periwal from Validus Capital explained how FinTech has transformed the SME lending landscape, what digital banking licenses could mean for SMEs, and how accountants could be part of the driving force for SME financial inclusion.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk - How Finance can Become Better Business Partner 

In this session, Mr Erik Saito from Workiva explains methods of developing successful business partnerships and how to uncover the true value of the accounting and finance functions. Participants were enlightened on how to take active steps to elevate the strategic value of their work and activities.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk - Risk Management in Today's Evolving Electronic Payments World 

In this session, Mr Foo Chit Leong and Mr David Ng from OCBC Bank illustrated the risks and lapses with real-life cases and shared the best risk management practices in today’s evolving electronic payments world. The speakers also emphasised the need for individuals to be aware of the risks and comply with the organisation’s controls, as often humans are the weakest link.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk - City-Shaping and Nation-Building—How Infrastructure will Drive Prosperity and Opportunity for Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is facing unprecedented demands for new projects to improve living standards and create opportunities for the hundreds of millions of people in the region. In this session, our speaker from EY explained what this demand means for regional development in terms of future projects, and how cooperation between governments and industry will be critical to delivering them.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk - Beyond the Boardroom: Why Strong Internal Controls are Important for Businesses Today

In this talk, our speaker from Nexia discussed on the key areas and processes that are useful in setting up new or enhancing existing internal controls,  some common areas of improvement that can be undertaken by the finance team, as well as practical challenges faced when implementing internal controls, particularly for smaller companies.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk - Lessons Learnt from the COI findings on the SingHealth Cyber Attacks

A summary of key takeaways from the COI Report were presented in this session with our speaker from PwC sharing their perspectives and recommendations on the immediate actions that organisations should take to level up their cyber defence based on the lessons learnt from the SingHealth incident. 

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ISCA Breakfast Talk  - Investment Positioning – Proven Strategies to Attract Investors

The speaker from Light Bulb Advisory shared on how businesses can position themselves differently from others and communicate its value to attract potential investors to invest.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk  - Keeping your data secure for your day to day business   

Cybersecurity has always been important. But the growing stream of recent large-scale attacks in the past year driven more urgency around this topic today. This session looks at ways to improve defence against the Cyber Threats and reduce risk for the business.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk  - Alternative Financing

In this session, speaker from Funding Societies deep dived into Peer-to-Peer Lending aka Debt Crowdfunding, and how it can aid SMEs during various tight cash flow situations. This allowed participants to learn more about the concept of crowdfunding and how it can possibly help to increase their client's working capital to further scale their business.

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ISCA Breakfast Talk - Tax Snapshot – Tax impact on businesses from the adoption of various accounting standards

A general overview of the tax treatment arising from the adoption of various accounting standards and how the tax treatment could have a potential impact in terms of the tax costs and compliance burden for businesses.

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