ISCA Members' Lounge



Indulge in the coziness of our recently renovated Members' Lounge, tailored exclusively for esteemed ISCA Members!

Features you can relish in the lounge:

  • Unlimited supply of Starbucks beverages and other non-alcoholic drinks!
  • Complimentary snacks to savor while reveling in your ISCA membership.
  • Complimentary WiFi and phone charging facilities to stay connected with your work and social circles.
  • Pleasant atmosphere to carry out your work or simply unwind.

We look forward to your visit!


*Please be advised that our Members' Lounge may be closed for private events on certain days. If this occurs, we kindly suggest you make your way to the spacious common areas on levels 2, 3, or 4. Starbucks Coffee/Tea machines will be available on these levels for your convenience.