Members' Lounge Schedule

The schedule below shows the dates and times of private events that will be held in ISCA Lounges.

To set up the event, our team will be closing the lounge for at least 2 hours before the event starts. The duration of the setup will depend on the complexity of the event (e.g. For a 2 pm to 6 pm event, the lounge may be closed from 12 pm to 6 pm. F or a two-day event, the lounge may be closed a day before the event date).

You may refer to the schedule below and plan your visit accordingly:

June 2024
8/6/24Sat9am - 6pmISCA House (Levels 1, 2 and 4)
19/6/24Wed12am - 1:30pmMembers Lounge (L1)
21/6/24Fri9am - 12pmReading Lounge (L2)
24/6/24Mon12am - 2pmReading Lounge (L2)
24/6/24Mon2pm - 6pmMembers Lounge (L1), Reading Lounge (L2)
28/6/24Fri12pm- 2pmReading Lounge (L2)