CAW Connects

CAW Connects is a platform among the members of ISCA, CAANZ and ICAEW, to network and interact with the aim of establishing professional networks that widen their sphere of opportunity beyond their direct contacts and pick up a tip or two from the speaker.







Past Events

CAW001: CAW Connects - Savour the Essence of French Terroir: Indulge in the Art of Wine Appreciation  

Come join us at this wine tasting session and appreciate what French wines have to offer! Be equipped with knowledge of grapes varieties and discover how they can influence the flavour profiles of the wines. Get to learn and experience wine tasting techniques and develop the skills to evaluate wines through sight, smell and taste. You will also be able to learn about the elements of wine appreciation such as colour, aroma, body, acidity and tannins. 

A total of 3 French wines was showcased:

  • 2020 Chateau Lafont Menaut Blanc (White Bordeaux)
  • 2021 Aegerter Bourgogne Rouge Pinot Noir Reserve Pinot Noir (Red Burgundy)
  • 2016 Moulin de La Grangere St Emilion Grand Cru (Tower Club Gold Award 2020 - Best Merlot) (Red Bordeaux)

This event is brought to you by ISCA, CAANZ and ICAEW, where members from each accountancy bodies gather to network over wine and food, as well as to appreciate social skill.


Mingles – Navigating the Post Pandemic Economic Landscape

Budget 2022 was a clear shift away from the near-term pandemic response of the past two years, towards focusing on the longer-term challenges facing Singapore. The economy is forecast to expand above trend again this year, and Singapore is in a good position to handle US monetary policy tightening. But as we leave the scars of the COVID-19 behind us, the need to adjust quickly to structural changes brought about by climate change looms as the next major focus, bringing both threats but also opportunities. Join us in this talk as our speakers share their insights.


Mingles – Building Trust and Strengthening Accountability with the Amended PDPA and the Data Protection Trustmark Certification

COVID-19 has led to an increasingly digitalised global economy, and as the pandemic brings people globally together onto a common virtual space, more data are being collected, generated and shared through online processes and digital tools. While organisations harness data for business insights, innovation and growth, the increased data activities also presents a higher risk of data misuse and incidents.
Join us in this session for a recap on how the amended PDPA support businesses and enable better use of data to speed up recovery and innovate in the data-fuelled environment. You would also get to hear about IMDA’s Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) certification, and how it can help strengthen consumer and regulator trust to enhance your competitive edge in the digital economy.

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Mingles -  Enhancing Mental Wellness at the Workplace (Live Webinar)

Many of us have experienced some form of stress or anxiety ever since COVID-19 became the new normal. More than nine in ten Singaporeans (91 per cent) have said that their mental health has declined in the last year, according to a study by AIA in 2021. Being mentally well and balanced helps us to be positive, self-assured and happy. This gives us better control over our thoughts, emotions, and behaviour, thus enabling us to handle challenges both at work and home.
This panel discussion brings together industry experts and finance leaders to share their perspectives and experiences in communicating the importance of mental wellness in their organisations and also sharing the active steps that individuals and organisations can take on the path towards enhanced mental wellness. Join us for a webinar on Thursday 14 October at 4:00pm. 

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Mingles – Sustainable Accountants Change the World

The world is changing - and so is the role of chartered accountants. It is the time for chartered accountants to tackle some of the most urgent social challenges within the UN Sustainable Development Goals and considers how the profession could do even more in the future. Join us for a webinar on Wednesday 7 July at 4:00pm.

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Mingles – Resume Writing & Interview Tips

Want to know how to get your foot through the door of your desired organisation and ace your interviews while we continue to navigate through Covid-19? Join us for a webinar on Thursday, 8 April at 4:00PM, where we will be sharing some tips on resume writing, increasing your online presence through your LinkedIn profile, and how to succeed in both virtual and face-to-face interviews.

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ISCA Mingles – Uncertainty is the New Certainty: IR in a post Covid-19 environment (Live Webinar)

Angela Campbell Noë, Senior Partner at Tulchan Communications will be sharing some of the best investor relations practices in today’s climate. This will be followed by a fireside chat between Tok Chong Yap, Director at Tulchan Communications and Gerald Wong, Head of Singapore Research at Credit Suisse for an interactive exchange on what matters most from a sell-side perspective.

ISCA Mingles - Navigating an Uneven Recovery and How to Impress Your Clients With Your Whisky Knowledge

Mr Irvin Seah from DBS Bank highlighted the external key factors that would shape the normalisation process and how that will determine the outlook of the Singapore economy. Equally interesting in the second half of the session, Ms Sarah Thallon from The Whisky Store shared on the language of whisky and how you can impress your whisky enthusiast clients and friends.

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ISCA Mingles - Moving from Boss to Coach

Kevin Kan addressed on several pain points which exists in Accounting firms and Finance departments. This includes retaining high performers, understanding and developing millennials, as well as tips on how to foster learning within teams and keeping employees engaged and maximise their potential.

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ISCA Mingles - Getting your business & teams content organized and staying in sync in an increasing fragmented digital world  

In today’s digital environments, we are expected to work with everyone, from anywhere. It is becoming increasingly challenging to keep up with these demands. Endless emails, multiple chat apps, communication tools all add to the confusion. Find out how to streamline these channels and processes, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most to your clients. Stay organized, connected and in-sync to have the best collaboration results.

ISCA Mingles - Creating Optimistic Conversations that Propel People into Actions 

Leaders always want their people to think and act more strategically, instead of being overwhelmed by problems that hold them back. We will be sharing on how to hold useful conversations that will propel others towards action and at the same time feel good about it.

ISCA Mingles – More than just a trade war: What the US-China stoush means for ASEAN's economic outlook                  

Even if a trade deal can be reached, wider tensions between the two largest economies in the world are set to remain. This is "America First" versus the "China Dream". 

ISCA Mingles – Women of the 21st Century: I want to be a Superwoman!

Calling out to all women! In conjunction with International Women's Day, come immerse in an evening of sisterhood as fellow women come forth with their inspiring stories, revealing the setbacks encountered in their careers, and how they eventually overcame them.

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ISCA Mingles – An Accountant’s Guide to Art & PI Insurance                                                         

Join us for an evening of ART and WINE!

Come taste a variety of wine while being presented with the opportunity to get a glimpse into the world of Art Investment . Experts will also share tips on Asset Protection from an accountant’s perspective; and offer clarification on Professional Indemnity insurance.

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ISCA Mingles – Network, concoct your own fragrance and experience the new Lexus RX 350L       

You can look forward to an entertaining night with an exclusive preview of the new Lexus RX 350L. You will be able to take the new RX 350L out for a test drive. To round off the evening, Scent Bar will demonstrate and guide you through how you can craft your very own fragrance while enjoying a selection of delectable canapés.    

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ISCA Mingles – Bartending and Mixology Night!

Starting on the basis of bartending 101 and progressing to the intermediate level of cocktail-making, ISCA and CAANZ members got to master various techniques with a demonstration on how to shake, muddle and stir with the professional mixologists and bartenders at the ISCA Mingles in March. What's more, they got to end the entertaining night with a creation of their own drinks! 

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ISCA Mingles – Watch appreciation with a swirl of Whiskey! 

A night of watches and whiskey! E xclusive preview and demonstration of Breitling’s  Calibre 01  watches ,  while appreciating fine whiskey with delectable canapés

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ISCA Toastmasters 30th Anniversary Dinner - Discovering ISCA Toastmasters' Journey

“Every Toastmasters' journey starts with a single speech” and it’s been 30 years since!Founded in1987, 2017 marks a significant milestone for ISCA Toastmasters Club as it extends a special invitation to all to celebrate its 30th  anniversary!...

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ISCA Mingles – A French Affair: Wine and Cheese Tasting

Experience and taste exclusively selected exquisite French wines ... 

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ISCA Mingles – The World's Whistle-blowers 

You might one day need to be a whistle-blower. The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recently announced an expected award of more than US$30 million to a whistleblower who provided key original information that led to a successful SEC enforcement action. The award will be the largest made by the SEC’s whistleblower program to date and the fourth award to a whistleblower living in a foreign country, demonstrating the program’s international reach...

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ISCA Mingles – Blockchain: How does block chain apply to other industries other than digital currency?

While banks are still a trusted middleman for most people to make their transactions, blockchain allows consumes and suppliers to connect directly removing the need for a third party...

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ISCA Mingles – Executive Presence

Executive presence is an elusive concept, there’s no dictionary definition but it’s fair to say that you know it when you see it...

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ISCA Mingles – Singapore Property Outlook 2016

Singapore’s property market has been very much influenced by various factors, in particular the onslaught of property cooling measures and Total Debt Servicing Ratio (TDSR) framework...

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ISCA Mingles - Leadership Journeys – Lessons from Harvard Business School

“No one is born an effective leader – it is always a journey that you take. And of course not everyone is going to successfully make that journey”  - Matt Symonds.

Different leaders have found different ways to lead effectively, based on their personal attributes, backgrounds, and education. Through their journey, they discover their personal leadership styles and tenacity, to lead their teams....

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ISCA Mingles - Leadership Lessons from the Mouse Trap, the 18 strategies for you to be the leader others will choose to follow

This internationally sought-after leadership talk by a world class speaker is both thought-provoking and mindset changing. It will challenge your core beliefs about leadership and will help you to meet the daily challenges you face...

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ISCA Mingles - Gem Discovery - Beauty and Value  

Gemstones and jewellery are beautiful and valuable. However, most people have 3 major frustrations when they see a beautiful piece of gem. They do not understand the gem and its value; they do not know what the market price is; and they are not confident to buy from a stranger...

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ISCA Mingles: Build up Your Vocal Presence to Stand out

As a professional, you find yourself working hard to command attention from your colleagues, and you are often concerned whether your ideas and insights are taken seriously...

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ISCA Mingles: Presenting Intelligence - Where STYLE meets SUBSTANCE

The interactive talk held on 15 July covered how to organise and structure a presentation as well as how to deliver with Impact...

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ISCA Mingles: EQ Skills for Success@Work      

Emotional Intelligence (EQ) accounts for 80 per cent of the success in one’s work life. The session will explore how to enhance one’s emotional awareness of self and others and use them to manage the relationship for better outcome...

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Self Leadership, Influence and Impact

Did you learn the secret to getting to “Yes” at the ISCA Mingles yesterday?  

Let's cheers to taking ownership and building your confidence and resilience!

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Benefit from the Abundance of 2015 Wood Goat Year

The first ISCA Mingles series on January 21 saw GladDana Hu, Principal Metaphysician, AbundanceRichi, share with our members on “Benefit from the Abundance of 2015 Wood Goat Year”.  

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A Very Special Gastronomic Journey

Ever closed your eyes and imagine of having a delectable dinner with the most breath-taking scene on your dream vacation?

Join us for an extraordinary gastronomic journey in December... where the aroma, flavours and textures of a scrumptious dinner will heighten to your wildest imagination...

"Going Regional: Risks and Opportunities"

The second session of the CFO Insights series took place on November 19 with Chow Kam Wing, Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer, Micro-Mechanic (Holdings), sharing about “Going Regional: Risks and Opportunities”. 

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The Art of Persuasion (Speaking & Presenting with Confidence)

More than 40 members attended the monthly Mingles session on August 20. Many had made their way early to ISCA House as they wanted to meet Pamela Wigglesworth, who would be leading the session on “The Art of Persuasion: Speaking and Presenting with Confidence”.

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From 30oC to -30oC, to the Bottom of the Earth

The ISCA Mingles session on June 19 adopted a new format, following feedback from members. It is now more engaging, with the infusion of speed networking to further enhance interaction among members.

The session was also special because our very own CA (Singapore), Sophia Pang, was there to share an extraordinary experience. Ms Pang is the first Singapore woman to accomplish the Kaspersky Commonwealth Antarctic Expedition – a gruelling journey which involved skiing 900 kilometres, climbing as high as 12,000 feet and staying in temperatures as low as minus 40-degree Celsius for 38 days.

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Accountants as Marketeers: Pitch using Analytics & Business Intelligence

On 21 May 2014, over 39 members attended the ISCA Mingles on “Accountants as Professional Marketeers – Pitch using Analytics and Business Intelligence”. Nina Tan, CFO, Trax Image Recognition, shared with our members Analytics applications and tools, business intelligence such as aggregate data, present data and enriched data.

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Regional Economic Outlook – The Opportunities and Risks

On April 16, Song Seng Wun, Regional Economist, CIMB Research, helmed the ISCA Mingles session on the “Regional Economic Outlook – The Opportunities and Risks”. Mr Song, a prominent veteran economist in the Southeast Asian news media, discussed if the economic signposts so far this year are still supportive of the modest economic outlook for Singapore and the region. He also shared on the global and regional forecasts for 2014/2015, and concluded that there will be a modest improvement in global growth.

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How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Option

On March 19, an ISCA Mingles session titled "How I Learnt to Stop Worrying and Love the Option" was conducted by KEE+ founder Lawrence Ho. The distinctions between the call and put options, spotting and valuing options were discussed, and the session also provided a quick discourse as well as examples of swaps, structured deposits, bonds and FX deals.

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