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Data Analytics Adoption in Singapore SMEs

ISCA, Singapore Institute of Technology and RSM Singapore have produced a joint report titled, “Data Analytics Adoption in Singapore SMEs”. This study seeks to understand the adoption of data analytics (DA) among Singapore small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by examining their readiness and technological capability of adopting DA, the extent of analytics tasks embraced, the perceived “usefulness” of DA and their reasons for adopting or rejecting DA.

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ISCA- ICAEW “Fintech Innovation: Perspectives from Singapore and London” Publication

The efficiency, convenience and reach of financial services has been significantly enhanced by the development of the fintech industry. Today, services including payments, insurance, lending, capital raising and investment management have all benefited from the boom in fintech. These opportunities are reflected in the fast growing investment value of the fintech sector, with global fintech investment almost doubling to US$38.9bn between 2014 and 2017. As a result, many countries want to be a centre of fintech innovation. Research consistently places London and Singapore as excellent hubs for fintech activity and, by exploring their strengths and challenges, we can highlight what drives successful fintech innovation more generally.

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Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities, Risks and Implications

In this publication titled “Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities, Risks and Implications”, we examine the opportunities, risks and implications of AI use, particularly in the context of the accounting and finance industry, and how we can equip ourselves to deal with such future scenarios. As with any new trend, a healthy perspective towards AI would be to embrace the possibilities it can bring, while also being alert to the potential risks.

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Blockchain: Re-imagining Multi-Party Transactions for Businesses

Blockchain has been popularised by Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency. However, there are many other potential applications. This joint publication with IBM focuses on how blockchain can be applied to businesses, especially in highly regulated industries like financial services. We will describe some of the key concepts in blockchain for businesses, potential use cases, and considerations for adopting the technology.

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