Drama is a reflection of life. Very often we can learn valuable lessons from the "experience" of others which has been captured on film or animation . With this in mind, a section has been specially dedicated to videos and animations depicting situations whereby the protagonists are faced with ethical dilemmas. Watch their struggles and learn from their ordeals.

A. ISCA Animated Ethics Series

The ISCA Animated Ethics Series is a series of short animated scenarios whereby professional accountants found themselves faced with ethical dilemmas. Watch the videos to find out how the protagonists handle the situations ethically.

We would like to extend our special thanks to Bernard, Jing Wei, Jonathan, Kailin and Ron from Temasek Polytechnic, for their valuable contribution towards the making of the animated series.

Ethics Case Study 1: Do Not Let Your Friends Suffer

John, a newly promoted audit partner in a mid-sized audit firm is having a meeting with Mr Tan, the Chairman of KS Pte Ltd, one of his major clients. During the meeting, a disagreement over the accounting treatment of KS Pte Ltd’s accounts arose, invariably posing an ethical dilemma for John. How would he be able to handle the situation ethically? Watch the video to find out.

Ethics Case Study 2: It was Just a Careless Mistake

David, the Finance Director of a company was alerted to the fact that major customer, Super Pte Ltd, had returned most of the goods shipped to them near the end of the last year. While David is proposing adjustments to the financial statements in order to reflect the return, his proposal is faced with stiff opposition from within his company. Would he be able to handle the situation ethically? Watch the video to find out.

B. Ethics Microfilms by the Hong Kong Ethics Development Centre

We would like to extend our special thanks to the Hong Kong Ethics Development Centre (HKEDC), of the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC), Hong Kong for giving us permission to make the above micro-films available for viewing on our website.

1. Separate business from the personal

Jane discovers that the company's procurement manager Alex, who needs extra cash for his marriage, has been fabricating quotes and awarding purchase orders to a bogus firm which he secretly set up. Since Jane and Alex have been friends for years, should Jane report Alex or turn a blind eye?

2. Pull back before it's too late

Simon, who works for a travel agency, has his money tied up in the stock market and his plan to buy a new car for driving his son to school needs to be set aside.  His old neighbour, who is an owner of a coach company, suggests paying the monthly installment of the new car for Simon but requests him to help secure a coach contract for his company in return.  Will Simon pull himself back before it is too late ...?

3. Business is business

Yuen and Cheung are two of the directors of a garment trading company. Recently their clients have been complaining about the worsening standard of the company's products and requesting replacement. Although Cheung, who has been dealing with manufacturers on the Mainland for years, promised to sort out the problem with the responsible manufacturer, clients' complaints keep coming. Yuen later discovers that Cheung has received a suspicious message from that manufacturer and he can't help suspecting that there may be some corrupt dealings between the two.

4. It's not worth it

Tim, a renovation contractor, has just got a job to renovate a branch of a chain restaurant and the work is supervised by the project manager Johnny.  Johnny seems to be a stickler for the rules in the beginning but he later reveals his true colours by demanding Tim to offer him an unreasonably low rate for renovating his new home. Or else he would make things difficult for Tim.  What is Tim going to do?