Financial Reporting Guidances

Financial Reporting Guidances (FRGs) are issued to share technical views and insights on issues, and/or best practices in an area/industry. Unlike the accounting standards, FRGs are not mandatory on ISCA members but are consistent with the purpose of accounting standards. They reduce diversity and ensure better and more consistent financial reporting. Therefore, they are expected to be followed and ISCA members should be prepared to explain departures if called upon to do so.

FRGs have been approved for issue by ISCA Financial Reporting Committee.

For the due process relating to the issuance of exposure drafts, please refer to the ISCA Financial Reporting Codification Framework




Issuance Date


Real Property Valuation for Financial Reporting – Best practices when engaging valuers: Considerations for Scope of Work (“SOW”) and Valuation Report (“VR”)1 


26 November 2019


Accounting for Cryptoassets From a Holder’s Perspective


5 March 2020


Preparation of Interim Financial Statements under SFRS(I) 1-34 Interim Financial Reporting (in compliance with the SGX Listing Rule 705(3A))

Accompanying Guide to ISCA Financial Reporting Guidance 3 (FRG 3): Illustrative Condensed Interim Financial Statements




3 May 2021

4Accounting Considerations for a Special Purpose Acquisition Company (SPAC) under SGX SPAC Listing FrameworkDownload16 November 2022


1. Please click here for a list of Frequently Asked Questions on FRG 1