Deloitte Singapore Budget 2020 Commentary
All Singapore Budget speeches seek to balance the near-term needs of the population and businesses with the longer-term goal of transformation; but very few in the history of the nation will have done so in such stark focus. Our Deloitte Budget theme is ‘Together Today. Transforming Tomorrow.’ and this balanced blend of current and future was clearly evident. - Deloitte

EY Singapore Budget 2020 Commentary
Overall, Budget 2020 is a balanced one for extraordinary times. It is a strategic road map that not just supports businesses and workers in this current fragile economic situation but also drives continued focus on transforming businesses and upskilling workers for the future. It also showcased the government’s foresight in recognising that the twin drivers for Singapore economic transformation would be led by empowering the people of Singapore to learn and adapt, while incentivising enterprises to grow, transform and embrace our evolving workforce. - EY

KPMG Singapore Budget 2020 Commentary
Budget 2020 lays the groundwork to build a transformation ecosystem – one that offers end-to-end solutions. Its most commendable aspect is its focus beyond the immediate and medium-term, by continuing to catalyse enterprise transformation for the long-term, to help enterprises re-orientate their business models and operations. This aligns with KPMG’s Budget 2020 insights for Singapore to become a hub for enterprise transformation. Singapore can claim leadership in what could become an entirely new industry, an expertise that can also be exported overseas. - KPMG

PwC Singapore Budget 2020 Commentary
This year’s budget was an assuring one, dealing head-on with the immediate repercussions of COVID-19. Despite such unfortunate circumstances, the Finance Minister did not lose focus on the longer term strategic goals of national transformation needed for Singapore’s long term growth and success especially for her people. - PwC