Sanctions Against a Member

Upon conclusion of the Formal Hearing, the Disciplinary Committee may make one or more of the following orders:

  1. that the member's name be removed from the register and that he shall cease to be a member;

  2. that the member's registration be suspended for such period as the Disciplinary Committee may decide;

  3. that the member be fined a sum not exceeding $50,000;

  4. that the member be censured;

  5. that the member shall complete any professional development course at his own expense;

  6. that the member obtains advice or professional assistance from such source as the Disciplinary Committee thinks appropriate;

  7. that no further action be taken on the case;  

  8. in the case of a member who is registered with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, Singapore (ACRA), the finding be referred to ACRA, with the recommendation that the member's registration be suspended or cancelled; or

  9. make such other order as the Disciplinary Committee considers appropriate.

The Disciplinary Committee may order the member concerned to pay to the Institute such sums as it thinks fit in respect of costs and expenses of and incidental to any investigation and inquiry.

The Disciplinary Committee's decision shall be published in the Institute’s official journal and/or any other form of publication of the Institute (including electronic publication).

No person is entitled, as of right, to a copy of the record of proceedings of any investigation or inquiry by any Investigation Committee, Disciplinary Committee or Appeal Committee.